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Party in the rain



Umbrellas, open, strewn all over the living room halted Mama in her tracks.

She was confused. She had cleaned this room, hadn’t she?

Then she heard her ChumChum giggle, like bells in the wind and she wasn’t confused anymore.

She peeked inside the nearest umbrella, “What are you doing, little Miss?’

“This is my fort”, said ChumChum, “it’s where I hide from Rain?”

“You love the rain, why are you hiding from it?”

“Because Rain always pours when I’m not looking”, ChumChum said patiently, “and if Rain pours I can go out to play.”

Mama nodded. “Ok then, have fun.”

“No, you can’t go Mama. Come have soup with me.”

“This is delicious ChumChum”, said Mama taking a sip, ‘what’s in it?”

ChumChum rolled her eyes, “It’s just water, Mama”.

“It’s delicious water.”

Rain didn’t pour that afternoon. Mama and ChumChum didn’t notice. They were too busy shoring up ChumChum’s fort, building boats from super strong paper, drinking soup.

Ninja Duckie

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Munia wants it to rain

Munia woke up from her afternoon siesta. Dada said that taking a power nap is the real secret for becoming big and strong. Muniz felt hot and grumpy. She wished it would rain. But before she could get out of bed, Munia heard voices from the dining room.

“The air is so thick.” Munia imagined a large thick piece of air just like her favorite slice of chocolate cake. Munia giggled. That must be Aunty Tina. She loved the way Aunty Tina tickled her belly.

“Yes, I think you can cut it with a knife. Munia heard Ninja Duckie’s voice and quickly pretended to be a prince. She jumped up and began flailing her arms. She pranced around all over the bed as if she was holding a large sword.

“I think I’m melting.” That’s Tiny Uncle. Munia flopped down on the ground. She sat very still. Yes, very, very still. She pretended to be an ice cube waiting to melt. But melting was a rather boring job.

“There’s enough moisture to swim in the room.” Munia pressed her tummy to the ground and began to swim across the floor. Yes, Munia had turned into an alligator and swam right out of the room.

Mamma’s friends were sitting around the dining table. Munia loved to have Mamma’s friends come over. They always had so much to talk. And they were all so grownup. They didn’t notice Munia till she began snapping at their ankles.

“It’s raining. It’s raining.” That was Tiger singing. He always loved to sing strange songs. Tiger said, “Hello! Fierce Alligator. You have to dance and bring down the clouds.” And before she could say anything Tiger scooped Munia up and began dancing a complex jig.

Tiger and Munia danced and sang and laughed so much that Munia forgot that she was an alligator. They pulled at Mamma and her friends till everyone in the room joined in the rain dance and it began to rain for real!

There was beautiful, glorious rain. Little drops and large drops! Straight drops and slanting drops! Silent smiling raindrops and noisy exclaiming pitter-pattering drops! Yes, it poured all night!

If you ever want it to rain remember one thing. All you have to do is jump up and dance the rain dance till you forget who you are untilit starts to rain just the way you like it.

By Moon

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Rainbow and Rains and Cupcakes

There was once a little girl with curly hair who lived with her mama and dada. She loved the rainbow. But did not like the rain. She told her mama in her best grown up voice ‘the rain makes my pwetty clothes get wet and dirty’. She would never step into puddles but would always wait for the rainbow she got to see if the sun came out after the rains. ‘I like the sun mama, it makes my rainbow come out and decorate the sky.’

She wore mama’s colorful bracelets as anklets and told her dada ‘This is a rainbow for my feet because I want to see the rainbow everyday’. The only other thing that she liked as much as rainbows were cupcakes. She could eat them every day and for every meal. She loved all the wonderful flavors that her mama put into them. Strawberry, chocolate, buttercream, coconut, even the ones with surprises in between.

She told her mama one day after seeing a rainbow ‘Why can’t I eat a rainbow?’. Her mama said ‘Because it’s in the sky and it only comes out when the sun comes out.’ The little girl thought for a second and said ‘But I want to eat a rainbow, like I eat a cupcake.’ Her mama smiled, ‘Of course, why didn’t I think of that, you definitely can.’

‘How about for breakfast tomorrow and for lunch and dinner?’

Mama smiled. She kissed the top of that curly mop head and said, ‘we’ll see’. After the little girl slept that night dreaming of rainbow colored cupcakes, mama set to work. She brought out her magic wand (aka the whisk) and whipped up all the colors of the rainbows and mixed them together to create rainbows right there in her home.

The next morning when the little girl woke up, she rushed to the kitchen and there on the table were the rainbows that she had been dreaming about and they all looked like her favorite other thing, cupcakes!! Without waiting for a second more, she bit into one and filled the house with her laughter and happiness. It rained and rained that day and the sun did not come out to show the little girl her rainbow. But she didn’t mind at all. She had all the rainbows she wanted right with her that day and always.

By The Cuppie Cake

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ChumChum conquers the sea

ChumChum woke up to pitter patter on the window pane. Boy, was Rain loud tonight. She was good friends with Rain. When he came visiting, she hopped in puddles and wet her palms and went splat in gooey chocolate mud. Dada made her small paper boats that they would float in the little streams outside.

ChumChum loved it when Rain came visiting. She got up from her bed and walked in to the living room. Now the living room had a very very big windows, and hanging from the top were wind chimes that tinkled in the breeze. The window was so high, that ChumChum could not touch the top even when she stood on her tippy toes. So ChumChum would ask Dada to pick her up so she could touch the chimes. She felt so tall when he did that.

But Dada was still sleeping. What was ChumChum to do? When she moved the curtains, Chumchum saw that Sun was not out yet. She looked at the O-clock, but did not know what time it was. You see ChumChum was still a little girl and time made no sense to her. She would wake up when it was morning and slept when it was night. There were evenings and afternoons and something called twilight.

Chumchum climbed up on to her high chair and rested her pointy little chin on her palm. Her high chair faced the windows, and she looked on bravely at the black Sky.

Chumchum was quiet, she knew Mama and Dada were asleep and being alone here was quite an adventure. She giggled, the sound echoing around her sleeping house, and she quickly covered her mouth. But she couldn’t help it, it was as if someone was tickling her. She was on an adventure! Sitting on her high chair, looking out the window, Wind singing a sad song and Rain laughing at her. Sky’s tummy was rumbling, oh my, it was so loud.

And then Chumchum was the captain of her high chair ship.

Shark and Cwokodile were sitting at the table across from her. She stood up on her chair and said – “I am Princess ChumChum, I am not afraid of you, Cwokodile!” She pulled out her sword and raised it high and bared her little teeth.

She called out again – “Cwokodile! This is my ship. If you come here,  I will ride my pet shark and tie you to my ship with your tail. I will then tie a pretty bow on your neck and make you my pet too.”

And she giggled and giggled and giggled some more thinking of ferocious, hungry Cwokodile wearing a red pretty bow.

By Ninja Duckie

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Munia meets Fluffy Cloud


One morning, Munia saw a cloud peeping into her room. “Hullo! Munia. I’m Fluffy Cloud. Can I play with you?”  “Oh! No! Not today! I have to eat my breakfast and rush to school.” Munia replied in a hurry and hopped across to the dining table.

When Munia reached the bus stop she saw Fluffy, the cloud again. Fluffy puffed his cheeks and blew a kiss. Munia smiled back.

Munia saw her bright yellow school bus and she waved, “Bye! Bye! Fluffy cloud. My school bus is here.” Munia’s best friend, Golu had saved a window seat for her. Munia saw Fluffy puffing his cheeks one more time as hetried to sail along Munia’s bus. All the children in the bus started to cheer and shout. “C’mon Fluffy! Fly faster. Come to our school.” Little Fluffy hurried to catch up with the bus.

The Yellow school bus stopped at the red light. “Phew!” Fluffy exhaled. He was a little out of breath. Munia and Golu waved at Fluffy through their window.

Once the traffic light turned green again, the yellow school bus moved to the end if the road & turned a corner. As the bus gathered speed, she could not see Fluffy anymore.  Munia wished she could play with Fluffy

The yellow bus reached Munia’s school. It had rained and there were puddles everywhere. Munia stepped out of the bus quietly. She wished Fluffy had sailed all the way to school.

Splash! Golu jumped out of the bus and fell into a puddle. “Ooh! Help me.” “Here Golu, take my hand.” Munia rushed to help.  Splash! Munia fell into the puddle too!

Heehee! Golu and Munia heard someone giggling. Munia looked around. It was Fluffy. He was hiding behind a tree. Golu and Munia shouted, “Help us! Help us.” Fluffy rushed to help them.

Golu and Munia giggled and pulled Fluffy right into the puddle too! The three little friends started stomping and rolling and having a grand messy time.

Suddenly, the school bell rang. Golu and Munia jumped up and ran into their classroom waving goodbye to Fluffy Cloud.

Fluffy continued to float in the puddle, as he didn’t have any school to go to. And even today if you stare hard into a puddle you just might find Fluffy floating in it.

By Moon

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