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Baby Batty and Owleting



Baby Batty was sad. His big sad eyes were moist, sparkling and reflected the brilliant moon. What a night it has turned out to be!

He’d wandered off to a human’s house, you see, and hadn’t been able to remember his way back home on the big tree. And as he rested his tired little wings on the window sill,  a human kid walked in. And oh so loud did she scream! All Baby Batty was doing was sitting on her window sill, peering out into the night, looking for his home. He’d done absolutely nothing to scare her. Hmph, he thought, almost falling off from the window as she ran out of her room. Batty heard her scream for her Mommy.

Baby Batty was sad that humans were scared of him. He never did anything to scare them and yet they ran away, screaming, almost running into walls, their hands in the air flailing around like they had seen a ghost! Well, at least he was home, safe.

Just then he heard some voices from lower down in the tree. He hadn’t heard that voice before. He knew a dog’s woof, a cat’s meow, a cow’s moo, even a human talking without a break on a small something attached to the ears (those humans are a weird lot he thought), but this was different.

“Mommy, Mommy!” Baby Batty flew to their branch,”I heard a new sound. Do you know what that is?”

Bigmama Bat swooped her shiny wings & turned. “Oh they are our new neighbors, Batty. They moved in late last night.”

“Are they bats? They don’t sound like bats.” Batty tipwinged and peered suspiciously over the branch.

“They are a hooting family of Mrs and Mr Owl and their little baby who is . They have asked us to tea. Do you want to come along?”, asked Bigmama Bat as she dusted her wings and spread the night glitter around.

“Ok” said Baby Batty and quickly wore his tiny little mittens.

As he watched BigmamaOwl pour his mama some tea he suddenly heard, “Hey, what is your name?”. All he could see were two bright, round, big, naughty eyes. Baby Batty was taken by surprise. Where did those eyes come from? He almost jumped out of his wings. Phew.

“My name is Batty. Who are you?”

“I am Owletling and this is my new doll”.

Owletling loved to make new friends. At their last hollowInTheTree home, she’d made friends with the tree and all the leaves and the butterflies and the bees. Even grouchy Mr. Bear was Owleting’s friend.

“Do you want to sit on the ledge and play with me?” Owletling’s big bright eyes were wide with anticipation. She did not wait for Baby Batty to say anything, just pulled him after her on to the ledge.

“Why are you sad, Batty?”
“How do you know I am sad?”
“Your eyes told me”
“Who taught you to read eyes?”
“The big tree taught me”
“What happened then?”
“Then one night the big tree shook very hard, like it had the fever. It moaned and groaned and fell down on the road. ”
“That’s very sad.”
“But why are you sad?”
“I frightened a human. And I didn’t have to so a thing. They always scream and run away when they see me. Am I a monster?”
“You are Batty. Battys are batty. They are not monsters. Only monsters can be monsters. The human needs glasses.”
“Even the one with glasses got scared one day.”
“They just need better glasses then, to see that everyone is different.”
“Yeah, and they’ll never be able to fly. And you can. You don’t have to sit in a tin box to fly. Have you seen their tin boxes?”
“Yes, there are some in the sky!”
“And they wear pants!”
“You are so funny, Owletling.”
“Do you want a gummy bear?”
“Where did you get it from?”
“The bear who lived under the old tree made them for me. Its my new toy doll.”
“Lets go to the top branch of my tree. I’ll show you my favourite beach place!”

Baby Batty had made a friend. And he was never sad again. And the next time a human ran away from him scared, he’d laugh – because he didn’t need pants!

By NinjaDuckie

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ChumChum and Nana

shutterstock_69002632ChumChum and Nana sat on the swing, pushing it back and forth and all the while ChumChum talked about her school, and her friends, Adi, Tara and Mini. Nana’s pet dog Bruno slept with his head in ChumChum’s lap. She tickled him behind his ears, just to see them twitch in his sleep.

“You know Nana, the aeroplanebird is not a bird and it is not small either. When will I get to eat mangoes? Are those mangoes up there on the trees in your garden? Which bird is that? Your garden is so nice Nana. Can I water your plants tomorrow? I want to eat mangoes, Nana.” She chimed in one breath.

Nana laughed her tinkling laugh, “Do you want to walk with me and see the mango trees?”

Bruno sat straight and looked up at Nana. He was as happy as ChumChum to go to the garden. He grabbed his squeaky toy and ran after them on his stubby legs.

There was a hammock tied to two of the mango trees. Nana lay ChumChum on it and then lay down next to her. The sunlight streamed through the leaves and fell on to their faces. ChumChum raised her hand and moved it around to feel the warm rays play on her arm. She giggled “Nana, these sun rays are playing hide and seek with my arm”.

Nana raised her arm and pointed to the top of the tree “See there ChumChum, you see that green little thing? That is a baby mango.”

“But Nana, mangoes are yellow. My teacher showed us a picture.”

“Yes ChumChum, mangoes are yellow. But before they become yellow, they are green. And you know, the green ones are sour and not sweet like the yellow mangoes.”

“Sour like curd?”

“Umm, not like curd. Mango sour is a different sour. Like when you feel naughty and hide behind a chair and jump out in front of Mama and giggle. That giggle is sour. It tickles you.”

“I want to eat the sour mango, Nana, and laugh a naughty laugh.”

Now Nana had been hiding a mango in her satchel for just a time like this. She cut a small piece for ChumChum and herself. “Now we both will eat this after I count to three. Okay? One…two…three!”

ChumChum took a quick bite and the naughty mango tickled her teeth. She shut her eyes tight and squeaked. “NANA! The mango is so sour!”

Nana laughed, and ate her piece of mango and squeaked just like ChumChum.

“I want more Nana!”

Bruno looked up at them, wondered what the fuss was about and ran off to explore the garden. His favourite thing in the world to do.

By Ninja Duckie

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ChumChum and the Snail

Chumchum sat in her little rocking chair, looking out the window. She was thinking up her ack-the-vee-tees for today. Should she cook a stew for her dolly or  take Cwockodile to the sea for a bath? She rocked her thinking chair back and forth, her head bobbing along. There were potted plants all around and the sky was quite cloudy.

Chumchum stopped; she thought she heard something. Oh, it was the sky rumbling again. Sky’s mama may not have fed the poor thing yet, she thought. And Sky will start crying soon. Sky rumbled again! Oh poor Sky, must be so, so, so hungry! She got up from her chair and peered up at the sky. “Hey Sky, would you like some jelly beans while your mama makes you lunch?”

As Chumchum dug around for the jelly beans in her pocket she saw something green and tiny move in one of the flower pots. She squinted. She tilted her head first to the left, and then right. She put her hands on her knees and bent down to take a closer look. She tilted her head first to the left, and then right, while holding on to her knees. She got down on her knees to get an even closer look. On her knees, she tilted her head first to the left, and then right. Suddenly, the green thing moved again!

ChumChum remembered seeing a picture of this little creature somewhere. It was in her school alphabet book. Off she ran to her room and came back with the book. She sat down cross legged on the floor, right in front of the pot, taking care to keep the green thing in sight. She looked into her book –  the first page, then the next, and next, and next. There it was, under S. She read aloud S-N-A-I-L. She mouthed the word out loud: Suh-na-ail. She had found a snail. It looked just like it did in the book. It had two tiny antenna on its head and a house on its back. It moved ever so slowly, pushing itself around with its house on its back.

“Mama! Look what I found! It Mister S-N-A-I-L! He has come visiting me from the book.”

By Ninja Duckie

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Munia meets Fluffy Cloud


One morning, Munia saw a cloud peeping into her room. “Hullo! Munia. I’m Fluffy Cloud. Can I play with you?”  “Oh! No! Not today! I have to eat my breakfast and rush to school.” Munia replied in a hurry and hopped across to the dining table.

When Munia reached the bus stop she saw Fluffy, the cloud again. Fluffy puffed his cheeks and blew a kiss. Munia smiled back.

Munia saw her bright yellow school bus and she waved, “Bye! Bye! Fluffy cloud. My school bus is here.” Munia’s best friend, Golu had saved a window seat for her. Munia saw Fluffy puffing his cheeks one more time as hetried to sail along Munia’s bus. All the children in the bus started to cheer and shout. “C’mon Fluffy! Fly faster. Come to our school.” Little Fluffy hurried to catch up with the bus.

The Yellow school bus stopped at the red light. “Phew!” Fluffy exhaled. He was a little out of breath. Munia and Golu waved at Fluffy through their window.

Once the traffic light turned green again, the yellow school bus moved to the end if the road & turned a corner. As the bus gathered speed, she could not see Fluffy anymore.  Munia wished she could play with Fluffy

The yellow bus reached Munia’s school. It had rained and there were puddles everywhere. Munia stepped out of the bus quietly. She wished Fluffy had sailed all the way to school.

Splash! Golu jumped out of the bus and fell into a puddle. “Ooh! Help me.” “Here Golu, take my hand.” Munia rushed to help.  Splash! Munia fell into the puddle too!

Heehee! Golu and Munia heard someone giggling. Munia looked around. It was Fluffy. He was hiding behind a tree. Golu and Munia shouted, “Help us! Help us.” Fluffy rushed to help them.

Golu and Munia giggled and pulled Fluffy right into the puddle too! The three little friends started stomping and rolling and having a grand messy time.

Suddenly, the school bell rang. Golu and Munia jumped up and ran into their classroom waving goodbye to Fluffy Cloud.

Fluffy continued to float in the puddle, as he didn’t have any school to go to. And even today if you stare hard into a puddle you just might find Fluffy floating in it.

By Moon

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ChumChum discovers Nowhere

ChumChum stood in the middle of nowhere. When she looked about her, she saw huge trees swaying. There was a loud, howling wind blowing. She remembered something, but then forgot the thought she was trying to remember.

She looked up at the sky. There, high up, was Mr. Moon. ChumChum wondered why Mr. Moon followed her wherever she went. Well, except for the days when Mr. Moon took a holiday or played hide and seek in the clouds.  But Mr. Moon was back today. And look how he glowed.

ChumChum walked towards the trees, not completely sure of where she was headed. It was all very quiet. No cars or honking horns or people. She turned around once more to see all that was around her. The dark and the trees and the dried leaves that crackled under her footies. They made sounds just like her mouth did when she munched on a crispy, crispy chip. Sharp and crisp.

She walked in further towards Nowhere. That’s what I’ll call it, she decided. Because it’s not my home or the park I play in or inside the car or in the shop. This must be Nowhere, she laughed, delighted.

ChumChum saw something glow behind a stone. Now this was exciting. Nowhere seemed to have something that glowed, hiding inside it! She walked slowly to the stone. It was a big stone. She tried to look over it but she was small. She walked around the stone. As the glow glowed and became more glowy, she clapped her hands and giggled.

She closed her eyes and walked around the stone, tracing her tiny fingers over it. She could still see the glow. It was inside her eyes now. So white and bright. She opened her eyes. The TV was playing her favourite movie. The one with the Nemo and Nemo’s Dada and Dorie. She had her head on Mama’s lap on the couch. And Dada was sitting on the floor in front of them. “We must go outside now, Mama. We must. I know where Nowhere is and I want to take you and Dada there.”

By Ninja Duckie

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ChumChum goes to the beach


ChumChum loved the beach. She would sit in her little bath-tub every day splashing water, trying to be a fish, sometimes a duck or a steamboat puffing and whistling away (She didn’t really know to whistle. She would go puff-puff and exhale loudly).

She wanted to run on the seashore, so Mama and Dada took her to the beach one day.

All the way she kept asking her Mama, “When will we get there?”

She waved her arms, pretending they were the waves she drew in her sketch book. Curved blue lines. And red fishes. Yellow ducks. A little boat called Boat in the middle. A smiling sun at the top. Black crows and more blue clouds. Chubby, happy clouds.

And finally she saw the beach from afar! Oh boy! There were so many people on the beach! So much water! She wanted to go closer quick, quick, quick!

She walked between Mama and Dada on the sand. Their feet touched the small waves.

ChumChum’s Dada made her a sand castle. They drew a big C in front of the castle.

It was ChumChum’s castle after all.

Mama got ChumChum a big yellow balloon. ChumChum exclaimed, “Mama! This is MY sun!” And she placed it on top of the castle.

It was her little kingdom.

By Ninja Duckie

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