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Today on the bus called Back Home
I dangled my legs and wrote a pome
About when I’d be a lady and all,
Jiggly chest, lipstick and tall.

I should like to marry a millionaire
And own a bookshop, one here, two there.
Or I’ll marry a bookshop and turn it out
With tea and scones and an orange cat stout

I would butter my cats and pet my scones
And pour tea down red tellyphones.
I’d knead and bake old Rumpelstiltskin
Top him with Playdoh, sprinkle him with mint.

I’d stand on fat books to trap the fairy (tales) in
Order them to stop being so pretty, and pull out a wing.
I’d tell rude old women, who came in for tea
Exactly what I think of them completely for free.

That’ll show them for pinching my cheeks
Or crushing my face to their pudding chest of fleece.
I’d run far away if I was asked to be polite
Disappear to secret places and give my folks a fright.

I’d empty the refrigerator and leave open the door
For my polar bears to climb in, to slumber and snore
My flamingo would be my sceptre, my staff
Or would I need something taller, maybe a giraffe?

I’d make a thing, all shiny and clean
that goes around call it the More and More Machine.
what would it make more of i don’t quite know
more and more rubbish maybe, a lot more than before

i could tell you about my teachers in school
wearing a man’s shoes, missing a toe, keeping the rule
but the Back Home Bus has brought me home
where I’ll be too busy to finish this poem

By Sandhya Menon

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Thing is Five

Little Thing lay herself down to sleep
Her eyes open she would not keep
On her pillow she stubbornly lay her head
“Tomorrow I shall be a big girl!”, she said.

“I will get hugs and kisses galore,
A tiny thing I shall be no more.
I’ll be very tall and as strong as a bear
I’ll throw my Mahm up and down in the air.”

So it could come fast, she slept very soon,
While over her watched the ever smiling moon.
It sent her dreams, so colourful and odd
In her sleep we could see her smile and nod.

She dreamt of a dragon, wreaking havoc over Britain.
She cast a shrinking spell on it, had it mewling like a kitten.
Pet dragon on her shoulder, firm ground beneath her feet
She set off once more, what strange people she would meet!

In each land she brought peace and calm
She had learnt well from her wise Mahm
She set them all a’ laughin’ with her terrible jokes
She had learnt them from her dad, what a funny bloke.

She settled in a village with her dragon named Mandy
Everyone refused to stop giving her candy.
She lived there for years until she got bored
And then she decided to once again, hit the road.

In her travels she came across many a chance
To stop and with all the countryfolk dance.
She jumped and she pranced until Mandy got weary
Then she went and brought light to lands more dreary.

All this happened and she was hale and hearty,
But oh no! She hadn’t yet gotten her 5th birthday party!
As the thought struck her she struggled once more
She couldn’t wake up! Oh what a bore.

But wake up she did and hugged everyone tight!
It had been a long long lovely night.
She stood on her bed and in the pillows she did dive,
It was her day, her year, she was now five.

By L’il Pun

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ChumChum and birthdays


“ChumChum, tomorrow is my birthday.” Said Mama. “What are you giving me for a present?”

ChumChum stopped colouring her giraffe pink and gawked at Mama “Mama, it is your birthday, so you should give me a present.” She sagely shook her head as Mama giggled, and went back to her colouring.

ChumChum realized she did not know what a birthday was. She only knew that on her last birthday Mama baked her a cake, and called all her cousins and friends for a party. ChumChum loved parties. With her friends and cousins, she played with new toys and blew balloons and laughed and laughed when Dada put on a red nose and a paper hat. Of all her presents, she loved the small trumpet Mama and Dada had given her.

“Mama, what is a birthday?”

Mama pushed her lower lip out. Mama tapped her cheek with the index finger. Mama looked at the ceiling. Mama scratched her head. ChumChum liked to see Mama think. She did just what Mama did when ChumChum was thinking along with Mama.

Mama picked ChumChum up, sat her lap and said, “When you were not yet born, and were still in my tummy, you were a little bit ChumChum. Then you were born, and you were ChumChum. So we like to celebrate that day and call it your birthday. Every year on your birthday day, you become little more ChumChum. There is so much to celebrate because every year a little more ChumChum gets added to our little ChumChum.”

ChumChum chewing on her finger as she listened to Mama.

“So Mama, you become more Mama for me on your birthday?”

“Yes, I do.” Mama kissed ChumChum and gave her a big smile.

ChumChum rushed to her room, and brought five candies with her which she gave to Mama.

“What is this ChumChum?” Mama asked.

“You have been my Mama for all the birthdays I had. I had four birthdays. So you are four more Mamas added to the Mama you were when I was born. And one extra candy because it is your birthday!”

Mama smiled and gave ChumChum the tightest hug ever, so tight that ChumChum whooshed.

By Ninja Duckie

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The lake shimmered in red in the light of the rising sun. The boys were thrashing about in it. The water-fowl swimming on the lake, trying to catch their early morning breakfast squawked angrily at the boys. The mountains near the lake loomed menacingly in the first light of dawn. The early morning sun was peeping behind the mountains to see what the commotion was.

“Watch out. Here I come”, screamed Senthil and canon-balled into the water. The water-fowl had enough of it and took off into the skies.

“Aaaargh, you have splashed water over my new clothes”, shouted Shyam and jumped into the water to beat up his brother.

“Who told you to bring new clothes and keep it on the banks of the lake. Its your fault only”, said Senthil, and swam away from his younger brother.

Senthil was too fast for Shyam to catch. He gave up and came out of the lake. He picked up his wet clothes and started walking towards home. The tears from his eyes mixed with the water dripping from his hair. His father had promised to take them to his grandmother’s place and he wanted to show her the new shirt and shorts they had bought for him.

He kicked a stone on the dusty path. He hated his brother. He always kept making life difficult for him. Why did God make brothers?

He picked up the stone and lazily threw it as far as he could. The stone soared out of his hands and landed in a bush. He heard a yelp, followed by a growl. A shaggy-haired dog came out of the bush looked with bloodshot eyes at Shyam. The dog bared its teeth and gave another growl.

Shyam turned around and ran as fast as his 10 year old legs would carry. The dog, emboldened, gave him the chase. He reached a barbed wire fence which a farmer had put up to keep cattle away. He tried jumping over it, but tripped and fell. The sharp edges on the fence tore through his flesh and he started bleeding. The dog was catching up with him. He picked himself up and started running again. The fence only managed to slow he dog, which crawled underneath it and renewed the chase.

His heart was beating rapidly in his chest. His legs were starting to tire. He was almost near the lake. He saw Senthil going back home, whistling and swinging a stick.

“Brother, help!”, he shouted.

Senthil turned around and saw his brother running towards him chased by a canine. He pulled his brother behind him and swung the stick in his hand in a perfect arc. The stick hit the dog in its back. The dog, yelped and ran away in the other direction.

He then turned to his brother who was holding on to him tightly. The wounds from the fence were bleeding. He took his brother to the water and washed his wounds and tied a towel around his leg.

“Thanks brother”, Shyam whispered, and hugged his brother.

“No problem and I am sorry that I drenched your new clothes”, said Senthil.

Shyam smiled weakly.

“Come lets go home. Father must be waiting for us”

They started walking home. Shyam wiped a tear from his eye and thanked God for making brothers.

The sun looked down at the two brothers, walking hand in hand on a dusty road, smiled and hid behind a cloud.

By Epinephrine

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The Cookie that killed the monster

One day the little girl came crying to her mama, “Mama, this monster boy in school scares me and he tries to eat my lunch all the time.”

Mama sat the little girl on her lap and asked her if  they should go to school and talk to the boy.

“Mama, that monster boy will scare you too!”, the little girl sniffled.

So mama asked her what she would like to do instead.

The little girl thought for a moment and said, “Can I take a Cookie Monster to school to scare him?”

Her mama was confused, “Why a Cookie Monster sweetheart? I thought they ate all the cookies up.”

“Because I think he is scary only because he has never eaten yummy monster cookies. If he eats them, he will be happy, and then he won’t be so scary!”

“You think the monster cookies will do this?”

“Yes mama, because you make them for me when I’m sad and I always feel happy. They’re so nice and big and warm and I have to open my mouth this big… Aaaaaaaahhh” she opened her mouth as wide as she could.

‘All right, we’ll make lots of monster cookies for you then”, said her mama smiling.

The excited little girl said, “Can I help you make the monster cookies? Pitty pwease?”

Her mama nodded and they set to work. The little girl made big, BIGGG cookies with her mama and watched with her as they grew fat in the oven. She could smell the lovely warm baking smells and looked at mama with big saucer eyes, “Look Mama, they look so nice and they smell nice too. The scary monster boy will love them and he will be my friend, I can priteckt him too, one cookie at a time.”

Mama laughed, “Of course darling! Just like you priteckt Dada and me.”

The little girl had learnt something important that day. As she stood in the kitchen with her mama, smelling the warm baking smells of the fresh monster cookies, she realized she would always have a monster cookie, a glass of milk and her mama to fight all the monsters in the world with.

By The Cuppie Cake

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The Spider and The Thing


Once upon a time
In a corner far far away
Lived an angry young spider
Aptly called Vijay

Eight long legs Vijay had
Spindly, hairy, strong
And everywhere Vijay went
He broke into a song

But he only sang when he was happy
And he wasn’t happy today
For he was an angry young spider
A spider called Vijay

“Where’s this Thing?”, He roared suddenly
At the bugs and at the flies
He stomped his feet, he shook his web
He glared with all his eyes

“What thing, dear sir are you looking for?”
“Nothing is missing here today”
“Here’s your silk and there’s your corner”
and there’s Miss Muffet’s Curd and Whey.


So all the bugs and all the flies
And insects big and small
Poked every nook and corner
And every window, every wall.

And then they found The Thing, there she was
Dancing with her mum
They waited for her with bated breath
And begged her to come

To come with them to the angry young spider
The spider called Vijay
To come and explain why she doesn’t like them
To come and save the day

You see, the Thing was a nice little lady
She wanted to help the bugs
So she told her mama, she’ll be back soon
And sealed the promise with some hugs

They left for Vijay’s corner
The Thing, the bugs and their breeds
They jumped and hopped and sang and danced
and raced with the centipedes

Vijay, they found, in his corner
Angry Vijay, young and bold
Thing stopped singing
and hopping and dancing
and racing
and stared at Vijay, her manners cold.

“What do you want?”, She asked
“Why trouble these bugs and flies?”
Angry Vijay grew angrier
and rolled up half his eyes.

“I read something about you,
On how you love centipedes and bugs,
but why, o why, do you dislike spiders?


The bugs and the flies and the centipedes looked stumped
As the Thing pondered for a while
And moments later Thing broke
Broke into a gigantic smile

She pulled Vijay into a bear hug
A bear hug for a spider
Angry Vijay was angry no more
Just young and hairy and brighter

They sang and danced and sang and danced,
“Chali chali phir chali”
Till it was time for the Thing to go
“Chali ishq ki hawa chali”

She kissed Vijay on his cheek (he had only two of those)
Said Goodbye to the bugs and spider
The jolly spider who wasn’t angry no more
and who lived hairly every after?

By Tantanoo


Little Lulu and Betty, the Kitty

Little Lulu was playing outside when she heard a soft meow. She thought it was nothing and continued to play when she heard the sound again. “Was that a kitty?” she thought and looked around. A few minutes of searching later, Little Lulu found a little kitten, the tiniest she had ever seen, hidden carefully, in the bushes.

“Why do you meow, Little kitty?” Lulu asked, gently stroking the soft fur. The kitten rolled over, it seemed to be ticklish. Lulu giggled and ran inside to fetch her Mama.

“You must come with me.” she said. “What is it? I am busy, can this wait?” Mama asked. “No, you have to come now” Lulu said, dragging Mama along. “Look what I found!”

Off they went and Lulu showed Mama the little kitty. They played with the kitten for a few minutes and Mama said, “She looks hungry. Let me get her something”. A few minutes later, she returned with a little baby-bottle of milk. “This bottle used to be yours, when you were a baby”, Mama told Lulu, as they fed the kitty. The kitten happily drank away all the milk. “Learn from the little kitty, Lulu. You throw tantrums to finish your glass of milk”, Mama said. “I’ll be a good girl and finish my milk, Mama. Can we please keep him?” Lulu asked with eager eyes.

Cat Clipart Images

“We can. But let’s not tell Dada. He doesn’t like cats very much. She’ll be our little secret” Mama said with a smile. They decided to name her Betty.

Lulu and Mama then found a little basket in the house, stuffed it with a soft blanket and placed Betty inside. They hid the basket in the laundry room where they were sure Dada would never go.

Later at dinner that night, Dada asked Lulu, “How was your day, sweetie?” And Lulu replied, “I made a new friend. Her name is Betty!” and gave Mama a tiny wink. They were all having soup when they all heard a soft meow.

“What is that sound”, Dada asked.

“That was me!”, Lulu said.

“Why are you meow-ing?” Dada asked.

“I am learning cat language”, Little Lulu said giggling.

And as she was saying so, they heard a meow again!

“The sound is coming from the laundry room” said Dada. And since there was no denying it this time, Little Lulu and Mama followed him sheepishly.

“What is this cute little kitty doing in our laundry room”, Dada asked them both, grinning.

“We found her outside and we couldn’t leave her there. We didn’t tell you because you don’t like cats.”, Lulu and Mama said.

“I like anything that makes you both happy. So promise to take good care of her and never keep any secrets from me”, Dada said and gave Lulu and Mama a hug.

“So, Lulu, is this your new friend Betty?” Dada asked and Little Lulu gave him the widest smile he had ever seen.

By Raindroprose

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Sweetum meets Bon Bon


She has rosy cheeks and deep dimples just like the poem, floppy hair and a smile that would light up her face just like the Sun that brightens our days.

Sweetum would place her face on Mama’s palm and go to sleep everyday and dream little dreams of fairies and angels, of candy islands and ice cream castles.

Sweetum’s parents recently moved to the big city and she did not have friends to play with. So Sweetum would secretly ask God to send her a new friend.

Sweetum walked to school everyday. One day Sweetum thought that she was being followed. She turned to look and found a cute little pup sitting close to her feet. Sweetum picked up the little fellow in her hands and walked towards her school.

She realized she could not take the little fellow to the classroom as Miss would scold her. So Sweetum planted the little fellow in her school bag and ran to her class. She was already getting late.

The little pup was quiet for some time. After a couple of hours he became hungry and started squealing.

Sweetum opened her tiffin box and gave the little fellow a sammich to eat. School got over at 1 O’Clock and Sweetum took the puppy home.

“Mamma look what I found in school today.” Mamma turned and saw the little pup in Sweetum’s hands.

Mamma asked “What’s his name?”

Sweetum thought for a while “Ummn, Mamma his name is Bon Bon. Can I please keep him, please please please.”

Mamma smiled and said, “Of course, but only if you promise to take good care of Bon Bon.”

Sweetum danced a happy dance. She now had a friend to play with. She took Bon Bon for a walk. Played with him all day. Fed him, bathed him and took good care of the little fellow.

That evening Sweetum had a Thank you prayer for God and a friend forever.

By Birdie

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The Sun is a pancake

The little girl loved to discover the meaning of everything. She loved asking her Mama and Dada questions and lots of them, all the time. She would sometimes mumble on about yet another unsolved mystery from her day in her sleep.

One groggy morning, she saw her Mama making something that made a loud sizzling noise. She was naturally curious and asked her Dada, who was busy looking at his phone, ‘What is that noise? That sssssssssssss?’ Dada said it was the noise the sun made as it came out of the water in the morning.

The little girl laughed, ‘Dada you know the sun can’t go into the water, the water would eeee-vo-pu-tate. The sun is so hot! Mama, Dada doesn’t know anything!’

‘Yes darling, you remember everything we don’t, and we’re so glad it’s so’, her Mama said while walking into the dining room with a plate loaded with beautiful, golden pancakes.

‘What are those Mama? They look like the sun, except they’re not shiny and glittery’, the little girl exclaimed in delight.

‘They’re pancakes. But they could be the sun too, if you like’, her Dada added helpfully.

‘But the sun is shiny, it’s bright, golden!’ the little girl told her Dada.

‘Then we’ll just have to pour some golden, bright sunshine onto this sun pancake, won’t we?’ said her Mama, holding up a pot of yummy honey.

The sun reflecting its light onto the pot made the honey look like molten sunlight.

The little girl jumped up and down on her seat, ‘Mama that is so bruuutyfuul! The sunshine is in that bottle! I want it on my pancake sun!’

Her Mama put a lovely pancake on her plate and poured a stream of liquid sunshine onto it. The little girl happily ate it and gave a piece to her Dada for being helpful with answers that morning.

There was a sticky mess to clean later, but then sunshine always floods the room it streams in, so no one complained.

By The Cuppie Cake

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The Most Loved Girl In The World

It’s true, Mimi was a very lucky girl.

She lived in a brown cottage with her Mama and Dada, a blue fence and a garden full of fatty fat cabbages, little wormy worms and very chirpy birds.

Every night, Mimi would go to sleep in a bed that was cool in summers and warm in winters. Mama would tuck her in from the right, Dada would tuck her in from the left. They would kiss her cheeks and whisper softly into her ears: “Remember, you are The Most Loved Girl In The World.”

One bright morning the sun was laughing in the sky and Mama and Dada and Mimi decided to do a spot of gardening. Dada hummed a funny tune as he dug holes in the ground. Mama giggled as she put tiny seeds in the holes.

But where was Mimi?

Oh Mimi wasn’t looking at holes in the ground at all! She was staring straight through a little crack in the blue fence. What was on the other side? Mimi wanted to know very badly. So she crawled just like she’d learnt from the little wormy worms and slipped right through.

Suddenly Mimi was in a field of sunflowers for as far as she could see. To her horror, when she looked back she could no longer see her brown cottage with Mama and Dada. Mimi was scared and she began to cry.

Then she heard a tiny fluttering near her ears and it said: “Hello?”

Mimi sniffed: “Hello.”

It was a Pink Butterfly: “Why are you crying?”, it asked.

Mimi said, “I’m LOST!”

The Pink Butterfly smiled and said, “Aren’t you The Most Loved Girl In The World?”

And Mimi said, “Why yes I am!”

“Then look straight ahead of you, my dear.”

Mimi looked and lo and behold! The sea of sunflowers had parted and in front of her lay a path as clear as day. Mimi jumped up with joy and with a friendly wave goodbye to the Pink Butterfly, skipped on ahead.

On she went wherever the path took her – through grassy knolls, along singing streams and past trees full of purple fruits. On she went until finally there was no more path left. Instead now Mimi found herself standing at the edge of the biggest oceanful of water she had ever seen. She grew alarmed and began to shout for help.

Hearing her cries, Tiny Fish jumped up from between the waves. “What’s wrong, little one?” they asked.

Mimi sobbed, “I CAN’T SWIM!”

The Tiny Fish all chattered in unison: “Aren’t you The Most Loved Girl In The World?”

And Mimi said, “Yes, I think I am!”

“Then look down, my dear.”

Mimi looked and lo and behold! She was sitting in a bright red boat bobbing up and down in the water. Mimi clapped her hands in glee and with a friendly salute to the Tiny Fish, slapped her oars into action.

But as the day grew long, the water turned to ice. Mimi’s teeth started to chatter and clouds came out her nostrils every time she breathed. Just as Mimi started to freeze a kind face approached.

“Are you okay, child?”, asked the Friendly Snowman.

“I…I….am…C-C-C-COLD!” Mimi wept.

The Friendly Snowman’s eyes twinkled: “Aren’t you The Most Loved Girl In The World?”

“Y-y-yesss, I b-b-believe I am.”

“Then look around you, my dear.”

Lo and behold! A big, fuzzy coat had wrapped itself around Mimi. Her teeth stopped chattering and her nose stopped blowing clouds. She hugged herself in her toasty new coat and bowing most politely to the Friendly Snowman, marched onwards.

By now night had fallen and Mimi’s feet grew tired. She longed for her bed and her right-side-left-side tuck in. But she kept going. Until, alarmingly, in front of her loomed the most terrifying sight of her whole adventure. The Scary Giant, even bigger and taller than Mimi’s brown cottage!

He looked down his humongous nose and boomed “WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE, LITTLE BUG?”

Poor scared Mimi was about to burst into tears when she stopped: what did her Mama and Dada always say at night-time?

“Remember, you are The Most Loved Girl In The World.”

Lo and behold! Mimi started growing taller and taller and taller. She whooshed upwards, past the Scary Giant’s knees, big tummy and wide shoulders and finally his forehead. There she stopped and said:


And he said, “Hello!”

“Why, you’re not Scary at all!”

“No I’m not. And you know what?”

“What?” Mimi asked.

“You’re not scary either.”

Mimi and the Giant burst into laughter and kept laughing until even the sun came up chuckling. Mimi realised she was so tall now, she could see right across the enchanted forest, past the frozen ice and the sea of fishes, through the field of sunflowers straight at the loveliest sight of all: a little brown cottage with her Mama and Dada, with a blue fence and a garden full of fatty fat cabbages, little wormy worms and very chirpy birds.

Oh yes, Mimi was a very lucky girl indeed.

By Gone Native