Stories For Thing

Party in the rain



Umbrellas, open, strewn all over the living room halted Mama in her tracks.

She was confused. She had cleaned this room, hadn’t she?

Then she heard her ChumChum giggle, like bells in the wind and she wasn’t confused anymore.

She peeked inside the nearest umbrella, “What are you doing, little Miss?’

“This is my fort”, said ChumChum, “it’s where I hide from Rain?”

“You love the rain, why are you hiding from it?”

“Because Rain always pours when I’m not looking”, ChumChum said patiently, “and if Rain pours I can go out to play.”

Mama nodded. “Ok then, have fun.”

“No, you can’t go Mama. Come have soup with me.”

“This is delicious ChumChum”, said Mama taking a sip, ‘what’s in it?”

ChumChum rolled her eyes, “It’s just water, Mama”.

“It’s delicious water.”

Rain didn’t pour that afternoon. Mama and ChumChum didn’t notice. They were too busy shoring up ChumChum’s fort, building boats from super strong paper, drinking soup.

Ninja Duckie

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ChumChum woke up


ChumChum woke up and yawned. She stretched her arms wide and almost hit Dada with her tiny left fist. Oops, she thought.

Where are we? She looked around her. How could she have forgotten!? They were on the AEROPLANE-BIRD!

Dada smiled at her and opened his palm. There it was, her share of chocolate that the sweet lady was giving everyone. What a nice lady she is, Chumchum thought, to give everyone chocolates. Dada and mama and her and the other people sitting in the aeroplane-bird.

Mama gave her, her little backpack, “We’re almost there ChumChum.”

The aeroplane-bird landed with a ‘whooosh’, a ‘thud’ and then sped across the runway like a speed-racer and then slowed down.

When the doors opened, they got off the aerplane-bird, and walked along a long, long passage with other people and their suitcases on wheels. ChumChum had fun looking at suitcases big and small, and black and blue and green and red, and old and new. So many of them.

As they walked out of the airport, ChumChum saw them standing there – her Nana and Big Dada waiting for them. Big Dada was holding the red balloons he had promised her on the phone yesterday.

ChumChum ran to Nana and gave her the widest grin she had saved only for Nana. Big Dada picked her up, planted a long kiss on her forehead and asked “So ChumChum, where is hide and who is seek?”

ChumChum laughed and laughed, Oh Dada don’t you know. Hide I left with you, yesterday* when we met. And Seek is with Nana. I asked her to hide him for our next game”.

ChumChum saw Nana give her a big wink. They were going to have so much fun on the swing.

By Ninja Duckie

Psst… For ChumChum, the past is yesterday, the future tomorrow.

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ChumChum and the Aeroplane



Now, ChumChum had seen a plane only in her picture books or high up in the sky from her bedroom window. It seemed so very small up there in the sky. If she closed her left eye, she could almost catch one in her fingers. How did this one get so big? Was there a magic potion that would make it shrink when it flew?

ChumChum wondered how the aeroplane flew. She has learned in school that birds fly. Was an aeroplane a bird then? Was she going to sit on a bird with Mama and Dada and fly off to meet Grandma? She giggled at the thought of sitting on the back of a bird while it flew.

“What ChumChum?” asked Dada, when he saw her standing there sucking her thumb, looking lost and happy and giggly.

“Dada, do we sit inside the aeroplane-bird or on its back? Will there be a seat belt like in the car? May I keep Shark with me or will all these people get scared?” asked ChumChum all at once.

Dada laughed “We’ll be inside the aeroplane Miss and…”

“AEROPLANE-BIRD Dada. Only birds can fly!”

“Yes, yes. Aeroplane-bird. We’ll be sitting inside it. There are seat belts just like in the car and Mr Shark can stay with you. Do you want a window seat ChumChum?”

ChumChum squeaked with glee “YES! Mr. Shark, did you hear. We’ll sit at the window and look out and fly through the sky to Grandma”.

“I’m so happy” ChumChum cried as she set off on her newest adventure.

By Ninja Duckie

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Two Tigers roamed the Land of Thing

Two tigers roamed the Land of Thing
(two very scary tigers)
These tigers prowled the Fields of Floor
And scratched upon the Cliffs of Door
And as they did, they meowed… err… ROARRED
These very scary tigers.

Two tigers roamed the Land of Thing
(two very hungry tigers)
They crouched, their tails going forth and back,
Ready to spring in for the attack!
Luckily daddy filled bowls with snacks
For the very hungry tigers.

Two tigers roamed the Land of Thing
(two very silly tigers)
They leapt to catch the torch… err… moon,
tumbled down Sofa Cushion Dune,
rolled in the Island of Sunny Afternoon,
these very silly tigers.

A princess lived in the Land of Thing
(a very clever princess)
She watched the tigers roam her land,
She fed them with her royal hand,
She got her mama to clean out their sand,
This very clever princess.

Two tigers sat down near Princess Thing
(two very sleepy tigers)
With their little paws, they gave her a tap,
She pulled them on to her royal lap
And they settled down for a loooong cat nap,
Those funny, furry tigers.

By Genesia Alves

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ChumChum tells a story

It was ChumChum’s bedtime. She was all tucked up in bed watching Dada as he dug around for a story book.

“So tell me ChumChum, which story do you want to hear tonight?”

“I want an unbook story Dada.”

“What’s an un book story?”

“Silly Dada”,  said ChumChum, “it’s a story that’s not from a book.”

Dada scratched his head. He wasn’t good at make-believe. He was a grown up after all. But he was brave, Dada was, and he bravely asked Chumchum what story she wanted to hear.

ChumChum giggled, “Don’t be scared Dada. It’s ok. I’ll tell you a story.” And she began:

Onceuponatime there lived a shark. He was blue and big and his name was Drop. But though he was big, he was very, very young. He only went to nuh-suh-reey school like me. He was not allowed to play alone in the street. Drop loved to sit on the swing and flap his fins. He ate chocolates and cookies and played hide and seek with his Dada and tickle games with his Mama.”

One day Mama Shark told Drop, “It’s time you started Big Fishie school. You must learn to swim the Deep Blue Sea. And you must learn the names of all your dinner.” Drop was scared. He had never gone out alone anywhere. He had only been to Auntie Hammer’s house with Mama to meet his cousins. But they were all so big and brave. And they didn’t play with him because he was small. Drop always sat with Mama and Auntie Hammer as they knit mufflers and drank green tea.

“Mama”, he said, “I’m so little. What if nobody plays with me? They’ll laugh because I can’t swim so well. Please don’t make me go.”

Mama laughed, “I once was as small as you are now, Drop. School was scary for me too. There were other sharks my age and we were all scared. But it was also so much fun. I collected treasures – coloured shells and coral and sea anemones and rainbow fish. I played on swings and skipped rope and played catch. I made sand paintings and we sang songs of the sea, and sometimes when we were good, Ms. Yrtle Turtle, our teacher took us to scare humans. Oh, you’ll see IT IS SO MUC..

ChumChum heard a soft snore. Dada was fast asleep. ChumChum tucked him in properly and ran to Mama, “Hi-Five Mama. My story made Dada fall fast asleep.”

By Ninja Duckie

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ChumChum rides the bus

ChumChum woke up that morning. It was a Sunday, a day off from school and also a day for roaming!

Dada gave ChumChum a bath while Mama packed her favourite sammich and water bottle. Dada was taking ChumChum to the park.

She held Dada’s hand and walked at his side. Sometimes hopping over stones, sometimes calling out to the busy pigeons pecking at grain.

Just as they turned the corner, she saw a magnificent sight. It was a pretty red bus. Not just any bus. This bus had a first floor too. She craned her neck to see what was inside in it. ChumChum imagined a spirally staircase inside that one would have to climb up to reach the top.

Dada saw ChumChum had stopped walking and was looking at the bus. He asked, “Do you want to go on a ride?”

ChumChum broke into a big smile and nodded with glee. Suddenly she saw the balloon seller walk past. “May I have a red balloon, please Dada?”, ChumChum asked with her most winning smile.

Red balloon clutched firmly in hand, ChumChum almost ran towards the bus. Dada had to hold her hand tight. He helped her to climb aboard the bus and guess what – there actually was a spirally staircase inside.

ChumChum and Dada climbed up the stairs to the top floor, counting each step loudly. They sat at the seat right up front, an open window in front of them. ChumChum tiptoed and peeped out. There was no driver and then the bus started to move. They saw many buildings whiz past and trees and branches too.

“We are on a magic carpet bus Dada!”, said little ChumChum.

Red balloon and Dada along with her, ChumChum had her first ever first-floor bus ride.

By Ninja Duckie

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ChumChum visits the jungle


At dinner, after ChumChum counted the giggles she had giggled that day at school, Dada and Mama asked her if she wanted to see the animals and birds she saw on TV for real in a big big jungle?

ChumChum’s eyes turned into saucers and she squeaked, “REALLY!”

“Well, do you?”, asked Dada with a grin.

“YES! YES! YES! I do. I do. I do. I want to see the elephants, the hopping deer, the monkeys on the tree. What else Dada, tell me?”

ChumChum couldn’t sit still after that. She prowled all around the house. She told Cwokodile and Shark that she was off to a jungle paahtey! She roared in the mirror like a tigress and giggled at her reflection.

Mama, Dada and ChumChum hopped into the car and drove off to National Park. All the way there, ChumChum made plans. She would take a ride on a rhino wearing her cape and her hat. She would walk about the jungle talking to the trees and the butterflies. Ask them, how are you today? Sit atop a tree and eat berries with the monkeys. Oh what fun she would have. And suddenly, they were there. ChumChum hadn’t even noticed.

Inside Dada bought tickets and they sat in a van that took them deep into the jungle. Chumchum held on to Dada’s hand and looked up at the huge trees. A man with a funny cap and microphone told them about the many things they would see.

Suddenly Chumchum saw what looked like a hill. But it was a very small hill but not too small to be very small. It was as tall as her. And she imagined little people living in them.

“Dada! What is that?”

“An anthill sweetheart.”

Whoa, thought ChumChum, ants make hills too?

“And where are their houses?”

“Hidden inside the hill, baby”, Mama said.

How smart, thought ChumChum. They hide their houses under the hill so nobody can find their chocolates and candies. Ooh, I wouldn’t mind a house like that.

ChumChum had a fun day in the jungle. She saw so many animals. A tiger and her babies, and a lion asleep on the road and peacocks and monkeys and deer and bison and cwokodiles. Though they didn’t let her ride any of them, the mean jungle policemen. Dada carried her back to the car on his back, just like the Mama monkeys carried their babies.

ChumChum was so happy. She knew she was going to have so many more animals to play with in her adventures.

By Ninja Duckie

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ChumChum conquers the sea

ChumChum woke up to pitter patter on the window pane. Boy, was Rain loud tonight. She was good friends with Rain. When he came visiting, she hopped in puddles and wet her palms and went splat in gooey chocolate mud. Dada made her small paper boats that they would float in the little streams outside.

ChumChum loved it when Rain came visiting. She got up from her bed and walked in to the living room. Now the living room had a very very big windows, and hanging from the top were wind chimes that tinkled in the breeze. The window was so high, that ChumChum could not touch the top even when she stood on her tippy toes. So ChumChum would ask Dada to pick her up so she could touch the chimes. She felt so tall when he did that.

But Dada was still sleeping. What was ChumChum to do? When she moved the curtains, Chumchum saw that Sun was not out yet. She looked at the O-clock, but did not know what time it was. You see ChumChum was still a little girl and time made no sense to her. She would wake up when it was morning and slept when it was night. There were evenings and afternoons and something called twilight.

Chumchum climbed up on to her high chair and rested her pointy little chin on her palm. Her high chair faced the windows, and she looked on bravely at the black Sky.

Chumchum was quiet, she knew Mama and Dada were asleep and being alone here was quite an adventure. She giggled, the sound echoing around her sleeping house, and she quickly covered her mouth. But she couldn’t help it, it was as if someone was tickling her. She was on an adventure! Sitting on her high chair, looking out the window, Wind singing a sad song and Rain laughing at her. Sky’s tummy was rumbling, oh my, it was so loud.

And then Chumchum was the captain of her high chair ship.

Shark and Cwokodile were sitting at the table across from her. She stood up on her chair and said – “I am Princess ChumChum, I am not afraid of you, Cwokodile!” She pulled out her sword and raised it high and bared her little teeth.

She called out again – “Cwokodile! This is my ship. If you come here,  I will ride my pet shark and tie you to my ship with your tail. I will then tie a pretty bow on your neck and make you my pet too.”

And she giggled and giggled and giggled some more thinking of ferocious, hungry Cwokodile wearing a red pretty bow.

By Ninja Duckie

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