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Amelia’s Wish

There was once a little girl whose name was Amelia. She was a very lively little girl. There wasn’t a game she didn’t like to play, or an activity she didn’t like to do. Amelia would play a game of memory as happily as she would climb a tree. Like a lot of little girls, she liked big breakfasts and candy and ice cream. And like a lot of little girls, she didn’t always like being told what to do.

Now, Amelia loved her name. In fact, she thought it sounded quite regal. And that suited her perfectly, because this little girl wanted more than anything to be a princess. She thought that would be fabulous: she would have all the pretty dresses she wanted, and she could do everything she wanted to do all day long!

That evening Amelia went to sleep wishing – as she did every night – that she would wake up as royalty, living in a beautiful palace. Then she grabbed her teddy bear, aptly named Highness, cuddled up and fell into a deep sleep.

When Amelia woke up the next morning, she couldn’t believe her eyes! She found herself not in her own bedroom, but in a room as big as her whole living room. And her bed was three times as big as her own bed, and had a golden headboard and beautifully embroidered sheets. It only took her a moment to realize what had happened: she had gotten her wish – she was a real princess, in a real palace!

Laughing with glee, she grabbed Highness and began dancing on the bed, but she hadn’t jumped up and down twice before the giant doors opened and three ladies-in-waiting (a lady-in-waiting is a royal assistant to a princess) came running in. “Ohh, your Majesty!” they cried. “Please, don’t do that! You’ll hurt yourself and fall on your royal behind!”

Amelia didn’t listen, of course, and continued jumping on the bed until a man suddenly walked in, wearing purple robes and a crown on his head. “That must be the king,” thought Amelia, but before she had a chance to say anything, the King spoke.

“Amelia, dear,” he said patiently but firmly, “do as you’re told. You need to get ready for your day’s duties.” And with that, he turned around and left as abruptly as he had appeared.

The ladies-in-waiting promptly went to work on what they called “grooming”. They sat Amelia down on her chair in front of a brightly lit dressing table. One of the ladies began brushing Amelia’s teeth, while another one brushed her hair. The last lady set about laying out what seemed to Amelia far too many dresses to wear at the same time. They were, in fact, a corselet (which is a very tight piece of clothing to make you look thin), a petticoat, a dress that served as lining and, finally, a long, heavy, glittery light blue dress with puffed sleeves.

Amelia began to feel slightly worried and thought that maybe she could just slip away and spend the day playing in a garden somewhere, but every time she tried to escape, one lady or the other would push her back in her chair. It took a whole hour before the ladies finally had Amelia dressed to satisfaction, and it took Amelia another ten minutes to figure out how to move in her dress.

Now, it was time for breakfast. Amelia saw the most delicious things laid out on the table in the breakfast hall: eggs, sausages, tomatoes, hashbrowns and buttered toast, and a big bowl of candy balls. But when she wanted to scoop all these delicacies onto her plate, the Queen stopped her and said: “Now Amelia, young princesses should have a healthy start to the day. You shall have your usual breakfast: a plate of fresh fruit and a glass of wheatgrass.” I don’t know if you’ve ever tasted wheatgrass, but I recommend that you avoid it if you can – yuck!

When breakfast was done, Amelia was taken along for a ride in the royal carriage to survey the royal grounds. In several places, the carriage stopped and the royal family got out. And at each stop, Amelia wanted to run and play and climb a tree or skip across a stream, but each time the coachman would stop her and say: “I’m sorry, princess, but I cannot allow you to do that. It is simply no way to behave for a member of the royal family.”

And so it went, on and on, the whole day long. For every fun thing that Amelia wanted to do, she was stopped by someone telling her that princesses didn’t do this, or princesses weren’t supposed to do that. Instead, she had to sit still and smile, and she wasn’t allowed to say anything at all. And worst of all, she was expected to behave properly all the time! She was so miserable that she wanted to cuddle Highness to make her feel better, but she hadn’t been allowed to take him along.

When she finally got back to the palace in the evening and the ladies-in-waiting had changed her into her nightgown and tucked her into bed, she sniffled softly and said to Highness, who she finally had in her arms again: “Being a princess isn’t any fun at all. I wish I was just me again.”

The next morning Amelia woke up, but she didn’t dare open her eyes, because she didn’t think she could bear another day like the one she had before. And then she heard the door open. It didn’t sound like the heavy bedroom door from the palace. Hopeful, she opened one eye … and saw her mother’s smiling face. “Good morning, my little princess,” said Amelia’s mother. Amelia let out a shriek of happiness and jumped into her mother’s arms. “Whoa,” said her mother, laughing. “Is everything alright?”

“Everything’s perfect!” answered Amelia and she squeezed her mother tightly. “And I’m no princess. I’m just me and I wouldn’t want it any other way!”

By The Tigress

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Pretty Things

Just outside our village lived a lady. She was a very pretty lady, who liked pretty things. She lived in a pretty house, with a pretty garden, she had pretty cats and wore pretty clothes, and all this made her very happy. But there were three things that made her happier than almost anything else.

What they were? Shoes, and bags and hats.

She loved these things so much that she had a special room in her house for each of these things. Her shoe-room was filled with shoe racks that stretched from wall to wall, and from ceiling to floor, and all these racks were absolutely full of shoes: sandals, slip-ons, boots, pumps, peep-toes, slippers – absolutely every type of shoe you could think of, and in every color and design you could think of. And the same was true for her bags, which were – of course – located in the bag-room, and for her hats, which were – you guessed it – in the hat-room. And the best part was: they all matched! For every pair of shoes there was a matching bag and a matching hat.

Now this lady could never resist another lovely bag, and when she found one, she would naturally need shoes and a hat to match.

But as you can well imagine, this could not go on forever and sure enough one day disaster struck: her rooms were full! Completely, utterly, totally, you-couldn’t-fit-a-breadcrumb-in full! She simply could not fit one more pair of shoes in the shoe-room, or another hat in the hat-room, or another bag in the bag-room. What to do?!

You’ll be glad to know that our pretty lady was not one to give up easily, so she came up with some very creative solutions. First, she tried wearing several pairs of shoes, several hats and several bags at the same time, but that didn’t turn out too well: she quickly stumbled, ending up with a high heel hanging from one of her hats, while another hat had made its way into a handbag, and all this standing doubled over with a peep-toe clad foot firmly tangled up in the strap of the tiny handbag that had fallen to her wrist. Obviously, another solution was needed.

Next, she tried having each of her cats wear a pair of shoes, a bag and a hat, but cats don’t like being worn down with apparel (a fancy word for clothes and shoes and such), and she quickly had to abandon that plan as well.

What now? A bigger house perhaps? But she couldn’t afford that: all her money went to shoes and bags and hats. In fact, that was why our pretty lady was in this pickle in the first place!

Hang on …. That was why she was in this pickle in the first place …

The pretty lady suddenly realized what she had to do – this is what we like to call an epiphany, but “aha”-moment will do just as well.

With pain in her heart she went into her house, and started sorting through her beloved accessories: she selected all the shoes that she hadn’t worn in over a year, and all the shoes that were uncomfortable, and all the shoes that she secretly didn’t like very much anymore. Then she did the same with her bags, and the same with her hats. She gathered them all up and took them to the village and sold them at the market. And she made a very decent sum of money from them too!

And do you know what she did with that money? That’s right: she went straight to the shoe shop to buy a brand new pair of shoes. Then on to the hat shop for a matching hat, and finally to the bag shop to buy the perfect bag. And happy, she returned home, where she once again had enough room to put her new treasures. Because old habits die hard …

By The Tigress

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