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The Cookie that killed the monster

One day the little girl came crying to her mama, “Mama, this monster boy in school scares me and he tries to eat my lunch all the time.”

Mama sat the little girl on her lap and asked her if  they should go to school and talk to the boy.

“Mama, that monster boy will scare you too!”, the little girl sniffled.

So mama asked her what she would like to do instead.

The little girl thought for a moment and said, “Can I take a Cookie Monster to school to scare him?”

Her mama was confused, “Why a Cookie Monster sweetheart? I thought they ate all the cookies up.”

“Because I think he is scary only because he has never eaten yummy monster cookies. If he eats them, he will be happy, and then he won’t be so scary!”

“You think the monster cookies will do this?”

“Yes mama, because you make them for me when I’m sad and I always feel happy. They’re so nice and big and warm and I have to open my mouth this big… Aaaaaaaahhh” she opened her mouth as wide as she could.

‘All right, we’ll make lots of monster cookies for you then”, said her mama smiling.

The excited little girl said, “Can I help you make the monster cookies? Pitty pwease?”

Her mama nodded and they set to work. The little girl made big, BIGGG cookies with her mama and watched with her as they grew fat in the oven. She could smell the lovely warm baking smells and looked at mama with big saucer eyes, “Look Mama, they look so nice and they smell nice too. The scary monster boy will love them and he will be my friend, I can priteckt him too, one cookie at a time.”

Mama laughed, “Of course darling! Just like you priteckt Dada and me.”

The little girl had learnt something important that day. As she stood in the kitchen with her mama, smelling the warm baking smells of the fresh monster cookies, she realized she would always have a monster cookie, a glass of milk and her mama to fight all the monsters in the world with.

By The Cuppie Cake

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The Sun is a pancake

The little girl loved to discover the meaning of everything. She loved asking her Mama and Dada questions and lots of them, all the time. She would sometimes mumble on about yet another unsolved mystery from her day in her sleep.

One groggy morning, she saw her Mama making something that made a loud sizzling noise. She was naturally curious and asked her Dada, who was busy looking at his phone, ‘What is that noise? That sssssssssssss?’ Dada said it was the noise the sun made as it came out of the water in the morning.

The little girl laughed, ‘Dada you know the sun can’t go into the water, the water would eeee-vo-pu-tate. The sun is so hot! Mama, Dada doesn’t know anything!’

‘Yes darling, you remember everything we don’t, and we’re so glad it’s so’, her Mama said while walking into the dining room with a plate loaded with beautiful, golden pancakes.

‘What are those Mama? They look like the sun, except they’re not shiny and glittery’, the little girl exclaimed in delight.

‘They’re pancakes. But they could be the sun too, if you like’, her Dada added helpfully.

‘But the sun is shiny, it’s bright, golden!’ the little girl told her Dada.

‘Then we’ll just have to pour some golden, bright sunshine onto this sun pancake, won’t we?’ said her Mama, holding up a pot of yummy honey.

The sun reflecting its light onto the pot made the honey look like molten sunlight.

The little girl jumped up and down on her seat, ‘Mama that is so bruuutyfuul! The sunshine is in that bottle! I want it on my pancake sun!’

Her Mama put a lovely pancake on her plate and poured a stream of liquid sunshine onto it. The little girl happily ate it and gave a piece to her Dada for being helpful with answers that morning.

There was a sticky mess to clean later, but then sunshine always floods the room it streams in, so no one complained.

By The Cuppie Cake

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Rainbow and Rains and Cupcakes

There was once a little girl with curly hair who lived with her mama and dada. She loved the rainbow. But did not like the rain. She told her mama in her best grown up voice ‘the rain makes my pwetty clothes get wet and dirty’. She would never step into puddles but would always wait for the rainbow she got to see if the sun came out after the rains. ‘I like the sun mama, it makes my rainbow come out and decorate the sky.’

She wore mama’s colorful bracelets as anklets and told her dada ‘This is a rainbow for my feet because I want to see the rainbow everyday’. The only other thing that she liked as much as rainbows were cupcakes. She could eat them every day and for every meal. She loved all the wonderful flavors that her mama put into them. Strawberry, chocolate, buttercream, coconut, even the ones with surprises in between.

She told her mama one day after seeing a rainbow ‘Why can’t I eat a rainbow?’. Her mama said ‘Because it’s in the sky and it only comes out when the sun comes out.’ The little girl thought for a second and said ‘But I want to eat a rainbow, like I eat a cupcake.’ Her mama smiled, ‘Of course, why didn’t I think of that, you definitely can.’

‘How about for breakfast tomorrow and for lunch and dinner?’

Mama smiled. She kissed the top of that curly mop head and said, ‘we’ll see’. After the little girl slept that night dreaming of rainbow colored cupcakes, mama set to work. She brought out her magic wand (aka the whisk) and whipped up all the colors of the rainbows and mixed them together to create rainbows right there in her home.

The next morning when the little girl woke up, she rushed to the kitchen and there on the table were the rainbows that she had been dreaming about and they all looked like her favorite other thing, cupcakes!! Without waiting for a second more, she bit into one and filled the house with her laughter and happiness. It rained and rained that day and the sun did not come out to show the little girl her rainbow. But she didn’t mind at all. She had all the rainbows she wanted right with her that day and always.

By The Cuppie Cake

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