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Adventures of FAT LOUIE. Episode 4: The Party & the Intruder

Fat Louie

Fat Louie (for those who just joined us, is a brown Bear and) is a class hero of 5th Grade in Jungle Tot’s school. Today he was at his best friend Ninja Duckie’s birthday party. The party was being held in a secluded Party Place away from all the homes of Jungle tots. Fat Louie had never been here. It was breath-taking! The whole place was done up to look like Lisbon; or so he was told, he didn’t know what Lisbon looked like! No wonder it was called “Portuguese Party Place”. Fat Louie had never seen a sea or waves. He had seen a river and even a waterfall, but not waves & a sea shore. They had created all this at the Party Place. Fat Louie wondered what Portuguese food would be like. He hoped they would have some fish here for him to eat!

He need not have worried because he saw some orangutans dragging a net from the shore and gleaming fish were jumping in the net. He felt as if he had been transported to some far off place. He wondered whether it was all for real.

He then saw Ninja Duckie. She looked, he thought a bit uncomfortable in her part dress, and then she came & hugged him. He suddenly remembered the gift he was clutching tightly and handed that to her. She squealed in delight after opening it and seeing her favourite chocolate truffles. Her mother appeared and stopped her from eating it all right there. Fat Louie then found himself in the middle of the party with his friends Sid the bunny & Druider the sloth and a lot of others.

Parrots were doing a great Rap song and there were bodies on the floor gyrating away; Sid was doing his favourite bunny hop and Fat Louie did his own version of Gangnam style stopping now and then to nibble on the appetizers of Bombil stuffed with nuts and taking sips of mountain dew. Druider was the only one not dancing; he was sniffing around for tacos stuffed with termites.

Suddenly they heard a commotion near the front door and a scream!

The parrots stopped singing and there was an uneasy silence. They heard the Orang-utan at the door say “You can’t come in here” and the gruff reply “watch me”!

They saw the long snout of Wily the Wolf dressed in a Hoodie. The Wolf had gate crashed Ninja Duckie’s party. The 5th graders looked around aghast. Their parents had all gone leaving them to have a good time. Wily wolf entered the party room with an evil grating laugh. Ninja Duckie was paralysed with fear. All around the room it was as if they were playing the game ‘statue’. No one moved.

No one except Fat Louie. Fat Louie drew himself up to his full height and gave a big roar. The biggest he had ever done. Fat Louie then charged at Wily Wolf unmindful of the consequences. There was an audible gasp from around the room. To everyone’s surprise and delight Wily turned tail and ran out! Everyone in the room clapped! The orangutans shut and bolted the front door and the party started again.

Fat Louie was the hero again. Fat Louie had saved Ninja Duckie’s party! The jungle tots would have carried their hero on their shoulders except he was too heavy! There were lots of high fives and fist punches. Birds sang & the parrots rapped even more. Even Druider the sloth was enjoying himself.

What a memorable party this was, it would be remembered for many years! When the Moms came to collect the tots they were in for a great story!

Thing’s good friend, Rian

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Adventures of Fat Louie – Episode 3

Fat Louie

Fat Louie was something of a hero in his class. Fat Louie went to Jungle Tot School. There were many other schools, more expensive than Jungle Tot, for richer animals. Most of his friends from his neighbourhood went to Jungle Tot. Fat Louie thought his was the best School in the world. His best friend in class was Ninja Duckie. She didn’t live in his neighbourhood but lived on the higher end of the river. Fat Louie didn’t mind that because they met every day in class and sometimes on weekends too.

Fat Louie became somewhat of a hero after his last adventure when he got lost whilst going alone to Ninja Duckie’s house for a sleepover and the way he fought off the bees and got their honey. Fat Louie also was big for his age and this meant he was one of the biggest in his class. So nobody messed with him and all wanted him as a friend.

Today Fat Louie was especially excited; today was Ninja Duckie’s birthday and she had invited several friends over to the nearby Portuguese Party Place. Fat Louie had been told that Ninja Duckie’s parents were very wealthy. This is probably why she could afford to have her party at the Portuguese Party Place. Fat Louie had heard of this place but had never been there yet. He wondered what kind of food he would get there to eat and hoped there would be fish. Little did he know that they had 8 different varieties of fish from the small Anchovies to Bombil and Pomfret to the huge Surmai. Ninja Duckie knew this and that is why she asked her Mom to book this place.

Fat Louie had insisted on picking the gift for Ninja Duckie himself. For other parties he was invited to he would let his Mom pick something appropriate. This time he was clear that he wanted candy or chocolates for her. He told his mom exactly what to buy – Fannie Mae’s Chocolate Truffles. He knew she liked them.

This time around Fat Louie was not going to be allowed to go by himself. The moms had got together and cart pooled. He would go in his friend Sid’s mom’s cart along with Sid and another friend Druider. After the party Fat Louie’s mom would come in her cart to fetch them back.

Fat Louie was hoping that there would be music and that they could all even dance. Fat Louie was not the best of dancers. But he was really uninhibited. He did everything with selfless abandon with is heart and soul in it. Ninja Duckie on the other hand was such a graceful dancer. Anything she did seemed graceful.

Fat Louie secretly wished there wouldn’t be anyone, at the party, from the snooty neighbourhood where Ninja Duckie lived. He had met one once and had to restrain himself from taking a swipe at him. He knew he must put on his best behaviour. But what if he was really provoked?

Continued in Episode 4, “The Party & the Intruder”.

By Thing’s good friend Rian

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The many adventures of Fat Louie – Episode 2

Fat Louie was excited. Thank God it’s Friday, he thought. Today was the day he had been allowed to go to Ninja Duckie’s house for a sleepover. That was not a big deal – he had been there done that before – but this evening, he was allowed to go alone! He couldn’t wait for school to get over.

In the evening his Mama gave him dinner earlier than usual. Helped him pack a bag with tooth brush, PJs, change of clothes and flip flops. A backpack not too heavy to carry. He was in a hurry, couldn’t wait to get away. Mama kept giving him advice “Don’t stray far from the river bed”, “Walk along the river bed till you get to the bend”, “Don’t walk into the woods”.

Finally he set off. He first sauntered off casually, then hastened his pace. Fat Louie actually didn’t like the water or getting his fur wet. He decided to walk as far from the river as possible. This brought him to the edge of the forest. But he didn’t mind, he was not afraid of anything, he felt.

He suddenly heard a buzzing sound. He found a flying insect diving into a flower and flying out again. Fat Louie was curious. He followed this flying insect, at first it was easy but then the insect – which was a very busy bee – flew off again and Fat Louie trotted after it. Chased it looking up at it constantly so that he didn’t lose it. The bee suddenly went into a brown thing hanging from a tree. Fat Louie was most curious. He went near with his snout and the thing smelled delicious.

Fat Louie took a swipe with his paw and suddenly the brown thing was down on the ground! Fat Louie, always hungry, took a little bite – it tasted really yummy! Soon Fat Louie was into it, eating away. He was unaware of the bees that had come out and were trying to sting him. His thick coat warded off the bee stings; the only spot where they could have stung him was his snout and that was buried deep inside the honey comb! He had a feast, he really licked his chops and shook his body throwing off the bees and trotted off.

Fat Louie thought he must bring his brother and sisters here to taste these wonderful things hanging here on the trees. There were many more. Suddenly he realized that he didn’t know where he was! He remembered his Mama’s words “Don’t stray from the river bed..” where was he? How will he get to Ninja Duckie’s house?

By Thing’s good friend, Rian

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The many adventures of Fat Louie – Episode 1

Fat Louie was different from his 2 sisters and brother. They were not very old, still under Mama Bear’s watchful care. But they were learning fast about what to eat and where to drink. Fat Louie always seemed to be in his own world. He would also tend to wander away from all of them often. Mama Bear had scolded him more than once not to stray off alone. But Fat Louie kept doing things without his mother or sisters or brother.

He was the first amongst them to try eating something other than fruits or leaves. He saw a small brown animal  jumping out of a hole, Fat Louie didn’t realise how strong he already was, he swiped  his arm and the brown furry animal lay still on the ground. He nuzzled it, it smelt good so he took a small bite and he loved it! He took another and another and soon he  finished eating the whole animal. This was his first meat meal.

Fat Louie’s mama knew, when he got back to the cave home that day, what he had done by the fur sticking around his mouth. She knew that her little baby was growing up!

Being a Himalayan bear Mama knew that all her children could not be just vegetarians. But her Fat Louie had already taken the first step.

His name was Louie – he got the nick name Fat Louie in school. He liked his nickname. He and his sisters and brother all went to “Jungle Tots ” school every day. He liked school.  He had a very good friend in school called “Ninja Duckie”. They both did a lot of fun things together. He also liked going for sleepovers to Ninja Duckie’s house. His brother was not brave enough to go nor were his sisters. And it wasn’t as if he was the oldest.

One day he told his Mama that he could go alone. They were not happy but he insisted and raised himself to his full height to prove how strong and big he was. So Mama bear gave in and Fat Louie went to Ninja Duckie’s house on his own!

By Thing’s good friend, Rian

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