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ChumChum visits the jungle


At dinner, after ChumChum counted the giggles she had giggled that day at school, Dada and Mama asked her if she wanted to see the animals and birds she saw on TV for real in a big big jungle?

ChumChum’s eyes turned into saucers and she squeaked, “REALLY!”

“Well, do you?”, asked Dada with a grin.

“YES! YES! YES! I do. I do. I do. I want to see the elephants, the hopping deer, the monkeys on the tree. What else Dada, tell me?”

ChumChum couldn’t sit still after that. She prowled all around the house. She told Cwokodile and Shark that she was off to a jungle paahtey! She roared in the mirror like a tigress and giggled at her reflection.

Mama, Dada and ChumChum hopped into the car and drove off to National Park. All the way there, ChumChum made plans. She would take a ride on a rhino wearing her cape and her hat. She would walk about the jungle talking to the trees and the butterflies. Ask them, how are you today? Sit atop a tree and eat berries with the monkeys. Oh what fun she would have. And suddenly, they were there. ChumChum hadn’t even noticed.

Inside Dada bought tickets and they sat in a van that took them deep into the jungle. Chumchum held on to Dada’s hand and looked up at the huge trees. A man with a funny cap and microphone told them about the many things they would see.

Suddenly Chumchum saw what looked like a hill. But it was a very small hill but not too small to be very small. It was as tall as her. And she imagined little people living in them.

“Dada! What is that?”

“An anthill sweetheart.”

Whoa, thought ChumChum, ants make hills too?

“And where are their houses?”

“Hidden inside the hill, baby”, Mama said.

How smart, thought ChumChum. They hide their houses under the hill so nobody can find their chocolates and candies. Ooh, I wouldn’t mind a house like that.

ChumChum had a fun day in the jungle. She saw so many animals. A tiger and her babies, and a lion asleep on the road and peacocks and monkeys and deer and bison and cwokodiles. Though they didn’t let her ride any of them, the mean jungle policemen. Dada carried her back to the car on his back, just like the Mama monkeys carried their babies.

ChumChum was so happy. She knew she was going to have so many more animals to play with in her adventures.

By Ninja Duckie

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Chumchum goes to school


It was going be a glorious sunny day, Chumchum felt it in her giggle, a lingering memory of last night’s tickle fight with Mama.

She heard her Dada call out, “Rise and shine! Where is that princess of mine?!” She burrowed deeper under her blanket and laughed aloud.

It was a school day and she loved going to school. She loved her uneefohm, her tiny little desk at school with letters and cartoon drawn on its top. There was A for Apple which was as red as her red dress, B for the balloon she and her Dada would play with, C for the cat Crispy who lived with her neighbours. There was more letter, but Chumchum was yet to learn what they were.

She jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom. She brushed her little teeth, brushed them left and right. She brushed them up and down. And smiled wide so Mirror could show her how sparkly and shiny they were.

Mama gave Chumchum a bath, put on her uniform, pinned her handkerchief and combed her hair. Then came the flower and butterfly hair clips. Whee! Chumchum twirled for Mama and kissed her goodbye.

Dada and Chumchum hopped onto the elevator. Chumchum pressed 0 and and counted the floors with Dada as they went down.

Tennn.. niiiiineee.. eight.. sevvvveenn.. sixxxx.. fiivvvee.. fourrrrr.. threeee.. thwooo.. one.. and there!

Chumchum skipped out of the elevator as the door opened. She almost knocked one of the exercise ladies down flat. ‘Sorry’, she called as Dada grabbed her hand and they walked to the bus stop.

There were other boys and girls from her school waiting for the bus too. Chumchum smiled at Esha and Kay and the sky. She heard the bus horn from far away. Chumchum squealed, ‘Dada! Dada! Here’s the big yellow bus!’ Dada laughed as he bent down and kissed Chumchum. ‘You’re the only little girl I know who loves going to school’ he said as he helped Chumchum on to the bus.

‘Bye Dada’ Chumchum yelled from the window, as the bus rolled. She waved and waved until the bus turned the corner and she couldn’t see him anymore.

‘Here I come school.’

By Ninja Duckie

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ChumChum conquers the sea

ChumChum woke up to pitter patter on the window pane. Boy, was Rain loud tonight. She was good friends with Rain. When he came visiting, she hopped in puddles and wet her palms and went splat in gooey chocolate mud. Dada made her small paper boats that they would float in the little streams outside.

ChumChum loved it when Rain came visiting. She got up from her bed and walked in to the living room. Now the living room had a very very big windows, and hanging from the top were wind chimes that tinkled in the breeze. The window was so high, that ChumChum could not touch the top even when she stood on her tippy toes. So ChumChum would ask Dada to pick her up so she could touch the chimes. She felt so tall when he did that.

But Dada was still sleeping. What was ChumChum to do? When she moved the curtains, Chumchum saw that Sun was not out yet. She looked at the O-clock, but did not know what time it was. You see ChumChum was still a little girl and time made no sense to her. She would wake up when it was morning and slept when it was night. There were evenings and afternoons and something called twilight.

Chumchum climbed up on to her high chair and rested her pointy little chin on her palm. Her high chair faced the windows, and she looked on bravely at the black Sky.

Chumchum was quiet, she knew Mama and Dada were asleep and being alone here was quite an adventure. She giggled, the sound echoing around her sleeping house, and she quickly covered her mouth. But she couldn’t help it, it was as if someone was tickling her. She was on an adventure! Sitting on her high chair, looking out the window, Wind singing a sad song and Rain laughing at her. Sky’s tummy was rumbling, oh my, it was so loud.

And then Chumchum was the captain of her high chair ship.

Shark and Cwokodile were sitting at the table across from her. She stood up on her chair and said – “I am Princess ChumChum, I am not afraid of you, Cwokodile!” She pulled out her sword and raised it high and bared her little teeth.

She called out again – “Cwokodile! This is my ship. If you come here,  I will ride my pet shark and tie you to my ship with your tail. I will then tie a pretty bow on your neck and make you my pet too.”

And she giggled and giggled and giggled some more thinking of ferocious, hungry Cwokodile wearing a red pretty bow.

By Ninja Duckie

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ChumChum goes to school

ChumChum woke up early that day, like yesterday and yesterday before yesterday, and all the days before yesterday.

She loved to stand at the window and watch the clouds wake up all bright. Say hello to the sun. Or if it was raining, she would smile at her friends, the raindrops. Those days she wondered aloud, “Where is all this water hidden Mama? I don’t see any bucket in the sky!”

Mama told her that when she was old enough, she could go to school, where they would tell her all about the hidden buckets. And the clouds, twinkling stars and the animals she saw on the TV.

ChumChum would stand on her tippy toes, stretch her arms up, climb the table, asking all the while how big she needed to be to go to this place called school. Mama would laugh and laugh and tickle ChumChum.

On one such morning Mama told ChumChum, “I think you are old enough to go to school ChumChum. Do you want to go to school?”

ChumChum was overjoyed. She had seen kids from her building going to school. In big yellow buses. And pretty backpacks, waterbottles around their neck and a handkerchief neatly made into a square and pinned to the dress they wore. She asked Mama, “Will I get a uni-foohm too? And ride in the big yellow bus with other kids?”

Before Mama could answer, ChumChum was in the big yellow bus herself and calling out to the other kids to come on in. “POOMPOOM” she said.

By Ninja Duckie

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ChumChum discovers Nowhere

ChumChum stood in the middle of nowhere. When she looked about her, she saw huge trees swaying. There was a loud, howling wind blowing. She remembered something, but then forgot the thought she was trying to remember.

She looked up at the sky. There, high up, was Mr. Moon. ChumChum wondered why Mr. Moon followed her wherever she went. Well, except for the days when Mr. Moon took a holiday or played hide and seek in the clouds.  But Mr. Moon was back today. And look how he glowed.

ChumChum walked towards the trees, not completely sure of where she was headed. It was all very quiet. No cars or honking horns or people. She turned around once more to see all that was around her. The dark and the trees and the dried leaves that crackled under her footies. They made sounds just like her mouth did when she munched on a crispy, crispy chip. Sharp and crisp.

She walked in further towards Nowhere. That’s what I’ll call it, she decided. Because it’s not my home or the park I play in or inside the car or in the shop. This must be Nowhere, she laughed, delighted.

ChumChum saw something glow behind a stone. Now this was exciting. Nowhere seemed to have something that glowed, hiding inside it! She walked slowly to the stone. It was a big stone. She tried to look over it but she was small. She walked around the stone. As the glow glowed and became more glowy, she clapped her hands and giggled.

She closed her eyes and walked around the stone, tracing her tiny fingers over it. She could still see the glow. It was inside her eyes now. So white and bright. She opened her eyes. The TV was playing her favourite movie. The one with the Nemo and Nemo’s Dada and Dorie. She had her head on Mama’s lap on the couch. And Dada was sitting on the floor in front of them. “We must go outside now, Mama. We must. I know where Nowhere is and I want to take you and Dada there.”

By Ninja Duckie

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ChumChum goes for a paah-tee

ChumChum was up late. She was out late at that! ChumChum’s mama and dada had taken her out for a treat. There were a lot of people around. They were dada’s friends from work. They were at something they called a paah-tee.

ChumChum held her mama’s hand while they went around and met lots of other big people. They were all so much taller than ChumChum. She had to keep looking up to see their faces. She asked Mama, “Where are all the other small people? Are we on an island where everyone is big?”.

Just then her eyes caught a glimpse of something. Was that really a table full of icecreams there? As big as the table at home, it was. But with only icecreams covering it. ChumChum giggled, “I will eat it all! I will, I will.”

She walked back to the car much later with her mama and dada, quite pleased with herself. Who wouldn’t be happy after eating so much icecream? Her small people bowl became a big people bowl and so did she. And she ate it all up like a big person would. She did.

A very drowsy ChumChum sat back, happy, as the car made it’s way through the slow moving traffic. She felt the light all over her face. And her hands. And her dress was glowing too. She opened one eye to look –  there were lights and lights and more lights. So many different kinds. There were glowing, yellow lights outside the window. In front of their car. In the sky.

She remembered! “Oh Mama” she said, ” the funny tummy glower fireflies are out for a paah-tee too!”

By Ninja Duckie

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ChumChum wonders

ChumChum found herself sitting on a wooden bench. She didn’t remember ever seeing that bench before. She didn’t remember coming here either. But she found herself really liking the place. And it was a beautiful bench. Made of wood, it was brown. Fresh browny brown. She touched the seat. It was smooth and warm. And the handrest had a butterfly sitting on it.

ChumChum looked around. She saw more butterflies. So many! She didn’t know enough numbers to count them. They were white and yellow and blue and rainbow coloured and some with two colours, some with three. The grass was as green, as green it could be. And slowly swaying in the gentle breeze. The breeze went whoooshing so far away.

ChumChum looked around and wondered, “where am I?” She looked around expectantly. She folded her arms and moved her head first left, then right. Then right and left. It looked like a park. With big trees. Many birds chirping happily. Butterflies and bees humming over the flowers. She hopped off the bench to take a better look around. She walked to the big tree and said hello to the trunk. She looked up to see the branches and leaves waving to her in the wind. She waved back. She heard something quacking and looked around her. There were ducks in a pond behind the tree! “What a wonderful place this is!”, she said. Green and beautiful as far as she could see! She broke in a big grin. The biggest grin she could grin.

ChumChum’s mama came into her room to check on her. ChumChum had a bad tummy that day. As mama opened the door, she saw that big smile on sleeping ChumChum’s lovely face. Mama smiled to herself as she kissed ChumChum goodnight.

By Ninja Duckie

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ChumChum goes to the beach


ChumChum loved the beach. She would sit in her little bath-tub every day splashing water, trying to be a fish, sometimes a duck or a steamboat puffing and whistling away (She didn’t really know to whistle. She would go puff-puff and exhale loudly).

She wanted to run on the seashore, so Mama and Dada took her to the beach one day.

All the way she kept asking her Mama, “When will we get there?”

She waved her arms, pretending they were the waves she drew in her sketch book. Curved blue lines. And red fishes. Yellow ducks. A little boat called Boat in the middle. A smiling sun at the top. Black crows and more blue clouds. Chubby, happy clouds.

And finally she saw the beach from afar! Oh boy! There were so many people on the beach! So much water! She wanted to go closer quick, quick, quick!

She walked between Mama and Dada on the sand. Their feet touched the small waves.

ChumChum’s Dada made her a sand castle. They drew a big C in front of the castle.

It was ChumChum’s castle after all.

Mama got ChumChum a big yellow balloon. ChumChum exclaimed, “Mama! This is MY sun!” And she placed it on top of the castle.

It was her little kingdom.

By Ninja Duckie

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ChumChum at the hotel

ChumChum was her mama’s little girl. And her dada’s sunshine.

On this bright Sunday noon, ChumChum’s mama, ChumChum’s dada and ChumChum were out for lunch and a trip to the sea shore.

While mama and dada were deciding what to order, ChumChum looked at the colours in the menu.

White rice. Red gravy. Yellow something she couldn’t name. She read the letters one at a time. She thumped through to the next page. She ran her finger over the edge of the photo of a plate of food on the last page.

Mama and dada were asking someone to get her something to eat. She looked at the table. There was a sparkling table lamp there!

She tried to touch it but it seemed to be inside the table. She wondered – how can the lamp be inside the table? It is supposed to be on the table! She was oh so confused now!

“Mama! I can’t reach that lamp!”

ChumChum’s mama looked at her with a smile and pointed her finger at the ceiling. Lo and behold! It was the same lamp, but hanging from the ceiling!

“But Mama, lamps are supposed to be on the table!”

ChumChum’s mama took ChumChum onto her lap and said – “Baby, that’s a chandelier. Its an upside down lamp that is fixed onto the ceiling. They have little bulbs inside. You switch it on and see how it glows”.

ChumChum was happy to learn a new word. It was a difficult word at that! Cha-an-di-li-er! Phew.

“Mama! I know why they put Cha-an-di-li-er there!”

“Why baby?”

“For the spiders Mama. They need to eat too. And they also hang downside up on the ceilings. They also need light during dinner!”

By Ninja Duckie

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