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Thing is Five

Little Thing lay herself down to sleep
Her eyes open she would not keep
On her pillow she stubbornly lay her head
“Tomorrow I shall be a big girl!”, she said.

“I will get hugs and kisses galore,
A tiny thing I shall be no more.
I’ll be very tall and as strong as a bear
I’ll throw my Mahm up and down in the air.”

So it could come fast, she slept very soon,
While over her watched the ever smiling moon.
It sent her dreams, so colourful and odd
In her sleep we could see her smile and nod.

She dreamt of a dragon, wreaking havoc over Britain.
She cast a shrinking spell on it, had it mewling like a kitten.
Pet dragon on her shoulder, firm ground beneath her feet
She set off once more, what strange people she would meet!

In each land she brought peace and calm
She had learnt well from her wise Mahm
She set them all a’ laughin’ with her terrible jokes
She had learnt them from her dad, what a funny bloke.

She settled in a village with her dragon named Mandy
Everyone refused to stop giving her candy.
She lived there for years until she got bored
And then she decided to once again, hit the road.

In her travels she came across many a chance
To stop and with all the countryfolk dance.
She jumped and she pranced until Mandy got weary
Then she went and brought light to lands more dreary.

All this happened and she was hale and hearty,
But oh no! She hadn’t yet gotten her 5th birthday party!
As the thought struck her she struggled once more
She couldn’t wake up! Oh what a bore.

But wake up she did and hugged everyone tight!
It had been a long long lovely night.
She stood on her bed and in the pillows she did dive,
It was her day, her year, she was now five.

By L’il Pun

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Roly Polygot


Tara was in school. Tara was sleepy. Tara was bored.

Tara had just started learning Hindi in school and she did not like it one bit. The characters were squiggly and confusing and not at all fun to draw. What to do, what to do… She stared at the board in mock concentration, then looked down at her notebook; at that incomprehensible alphabet spelled out on the page. She started drawing a little house at the top of the page. The house had a nice sloping roof and a little chimney with smoke coming out of it, just like in her story books. It had 2 big windows with striped curtains and a sturdy door with a pattern of leaves on it.

As Tara stared at her little house with pride, she finished colouring in the large dot that was the doorknob. Almost before she was finished, the door she had drawn opened! Tara’s eyes grew wide. She looked about her hurriedly to see if anyone had noticed anything odd. But everyone was looking at that Hindi teacher. She stared at her book again. By now the door had opened completely and something was visible inside the house. As Tara leaned in to peer inside, all off a sudden, she fell into the house!

What a strange predicament. Tara was inside a house she had drawn on a page of her own notebook. As she gasped and looked around her, she noticed that the house was decorated for a party. There were balloons and streamers and a cake in a corner. She heard music and a bunch of rather strange characters traipsed in from the other room in a cloud of colourful confetti.

Tara stared, confused. These creatures were all funnily shaped. They wore party hats on their heads and were all carrying lollipops and were singing loudly. As they noticed her, they cheered and surrounded her and placed a little plastic crown on her head, the type she had worn at her last birthday party. As Tara gaped at these friendly things, she realised where she had seen them before. On the page of her notebook! They were the Hindi alphabet characters she had just been despairing over. But here they were and they were so entertaining! She joined them in their celebration as they all laughed and danced and played games. When Tara felt it was time she got back to class, after eating lots of cake of course, she bid them all goodbye and left through the same door she had entered.

And there she was, back in her seat, with her head on her notebook. Had it all been a dream? She looked around at her classmates and teacher who were continuing just as before, then at the blackboard. She imagined the alphabets on the board decorated with streamers and balloons and grinned. She had a feeling she was going to like Hindi after all.

Story and original artwork by L’il Pun

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Tara’s new friend

Tara was excited that day. She had 6 vanilla cupcakes in her bag, her mommy’s yummy vanilla cupcakes that she always told her friends about. Those buttery crumbly little cakes that smelt like heaven and made her so happy every time she ate one.

All her friends were jealous; their mommies didn’t make cupcakes at home. After a lot of “pleeeese Taraaaa”s, she asked her mommy to give her some cupcakes to take to school for her friends. Now everyone could see how awesome her mommy was!

Outside the school gate Tara stopped. A dog was sitting on the pavement and looking at her. It was a thin black dog with a large white spot between its eyes. Oh, it had only 3 legs! It looked so skinny and so very sad. She thought it looked like it might start crying soon. She felt bad for the dog and went near it slowly. It looked at her, scared.

She slowly called out “Hello doggie.” It wagged its tail and looked a little happier. Tara was a brave girl and she knew this dog would not hurt her. She slowly bent and patted the dog on its head. Then she felt bad for the dog, it really was so very thin!

She removed one cupcake from her bag and held it out to the dog. It sniffed the cupcake and looked up at her, unsure. She put it down on the pavement in front of the dog. It looked surprised and gobbled it all up. It must have been so hungry! She pulled out 3 more cupcakes and put it down before the dog.

It limped up to her on its 3 legs, the poor thing, and whined. Then it licked her leg and started eating again, tail wagging fast the whole time. He looked happy! She patted its head again and ran off to school.

As the girls in her class fought over the 2 cupcakes she gave them, she thought of her new friend outside the school gate and smiled. She would make sure to ask mommy to send some food for it everyday.

By Li’l Pun

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