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The Party In Her Mind


It was bright and early one Monday morning when KeeKee’s eyes popped right open as soon as sunlight hit her face.

She sprang right up in bed, which was very unusual behaviour (you see KeeKee loved her dreams and she did not like to cut them short just because the sun’s rays were going knock-knock-knock on her eyelids). But today was a really important day. It was her birthday.

KeeKee knew birthdays were special. They helped her grow bigger. Without birthdays, KeeKee would still be a baby – now, who would want that? So it couldn’t be just any other day. KeeKee yawned and stretched and called out, “Mamaaaaa! I’m all awake nowwwwwww!!!!”

Mama and Dada came bounding in, with big grins on their faces. They gave her their own special hugs and kisses. They said, “Happy birthday KeeKee. My! How big you are now!” But KeeKee kept looking behind their backs. Where were the presents? The bigsmall boxes full of toys and books and chocolates and things?

Mama noticed and pulled KeeKee close to her: “Oh my baby, you’ve already got your gifts. Your own special hugs and kisses from Mama and Dada. Now get ready for school.” But KeeKee was so sad. No gifts, no party, no birthday cake. Only school. How terrible it is to have a birthday on a Monday.

On the bus, everything was as usual. Kids having paper-ball fights and some greedy boys already eating their tiffin. Only her best friend remembered to wish her happy birthday. In morning assembly, Principal ma’am said the prayers and made school announcements. Then she wrapped it all up as if there was nothing more to talk about. In class, KeeKee had to remind her teacher to get everyone to wish her in unison: “Happy Birthday KeeKee.”

This would not do at all. And so KeeKee decided that if no one would make her day special, she would do it for herself. So what if it was a Monday? She’d have a party in her mind.

Sitting at her desk in class, the room began to transform most magically. It became a beautiful garden, just perfect for a picnic. The blackboard became a huge rainbow-coloured banner with her name on it. The little desks and chairs turned into little picnic mats: some with trucks, some with balloons, some with fishes and some with giraffes on them. All the books on all the desks, turned into wrapped presents. And oh! When KeeKee looked at her teacher’s desk, it had changed into the biggest chocolate cake she had ever seen!! Just. For. Her.

Oh the time KeeKee had at her party! Receiving presents and hugs and wishes. Giving out cake and return-gifts. Playing with her best friends, showing off her new dress and then getting dirt all over it! Dada had even asked a clown to perform at her party. How funny he was! KeeKee began to laugh loudly.

“KeeKee? What is so funny?” said the teacher.

Uh-oh. Busted!

Just as KeeKee’s party in her mind began to wind down, the school bell rang. All the kids rushed out of the classroom. KeeKee was in no rush. What a party she’d just been too! Now she was ready to go home, crawl into bed and make the best of nap time.

As Mama walked her home from the bus stop, KeeKee told her all about her special day. Mama listened with a big grin on her face, especially when she heard about the presents. “Wow KeeKee, you’ve had quite the day! But you know, birthdays aren’t just special for the person who was born on that day.”

“What do you mean, Mama?”

“Birthdays are also important to those who love you the most!”

And saying that, Mama swung open the front door to their house. In walked KeeKee and suddenly all the lights came on and a huge bunch of people jumped up:

All her friends and family were there. With lovely smiles just for her. And gifts. Lots and lots of gifts! As KeeKee lost herself inside this crowd of birthday wishers, she thought happily to herself: I’m so lucky. I got two parties instead of one. Monday birthdays are the best!

By Gone Native

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The Most Loved Girl In The World

It’s true, Mimi was a very lucky girl.

She lived in a brown cottage with her Mama and Dada, a blue fence and a garden full of fatty fat cabbages, little wormy worms and very chirpy birds.

Every night, Mimi would go to sleep in a bed that was cool in summers and warm in winters. Mama would tuck her in from the right, Dada would tuck her in from the left. They would kiss her cheeks and whisper softly into her ears: “Remember, you are The Most Loved Girl In The World.”

One bright morning the sun was laughing in the sky and Mama and Dada and Mimi decided to do a spot of gardening. Dada hummed a funny tune as he dug holes in the ground. Mama giggled as she put tiny seeds in the holes.

But where was Mimi?

Oh Mimi wasn’t looking at holes in the ground at all! She was staring straight through a little crack in the blue fence. What was on the other side? Mimi wanted to know very badly. So she crawled just like she’d learnt from the little wormy worms and slipped right through.

Suddenly Mimi was in a field of sunflowers for as far as she could see. To her horror, when she looked back she could no longer see her brown cottage with Mama and Dada. Mimi was scared and she began to cry.

Then she heard a tiny fluttering near her ears and it said: “Hello?”

Mimi sniffed: “Hello.”

It was a Pink Butterfly: “Why are you crying?”, it asked.

Mimi said, “I’m LOST!”

The Pink Butterfly smiled and said, “Aren’t you The Most Loved Girl In The World?”

And Mimi said, “Why yes I am!”

“Then look straight ahead of you, my dear.”

Mimi looked and lo and behold! The sea of sunflowers had parted and in front of her lay a path as clear as day. Mimi jumped up with joy and with a friendly wave goodbye to the Pink Butterfly, skipped on ahead.

On she went wherever the path took her – through grassy knolls, along singing streams and past trees full of purple fruits. On she went until finally there was no more path left. Instead now Mimi found herself standing at the edge of the biggest oceanful of water she had ever seen. She grew alarmed and began to shout for help.

Hearing her cries, Tiny Fish jumped up from between the waves. “What’s wrong, little one?” they asked.

Mimi sobbed, “I CAN’T SWIM!”

The Tiny Fish all chattered in unison: “Aren’t you The Most Loved Girl In The World?”

And Mimi said, “Yes, I think I am!”

“Then look down, my dear.”

Mimi looked and lo and behold! She was sitting in a bright red boat bobbing up and down in the water. Mimi clapped her hands in glee and with a friendly salute to the Tiny Fish, slapped her oars into action.

But as the day grew long, the water turned to ice. Mimi’s teeth started to chatter and clouds came out her nostrils every time she breathed. Just as Mimi started to freeze a kind face approached.

“Are you okay, child?”, asked the Friendly Snowman.

“I…I….am…C-C-C-COLD!” Mimi wept.

The Friendly Snowman’s eyes twinkled: “Aren’t you The Most Loved Girl In The World?”

“Y-y-yesss, I b-b-believe I am.”

“Then look around you, my dear.”

Lo and behold! A big, fuzzy coat had wrapped itself around Mimi. Her teeth stopped chattering and her nose stopped blowing clouds. She hugged herself in her toasty new coat and bowing most politely to the Friendly Snowman, marched onwards.

By now night had fallen and Mimi’s feet grew tired. She longed for her bed and her right-side-left-side tuck in. But she kept going. Until, alarmingly, in front of her loomed the most terrifying sight of her whole adventure. The Scary Giant, even bigger and taller than Mimi’s brown cottage!

He looked down his humongous nose and boomed “WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE, LITTLE BUG?”

Poor scared Mimi was about to burst into tears when she stopped: what did her Mama and Dada always say at night-time?

“Remember, you are The Most Loved Girl In The World.”

Lo and behold! Mimi started growing taller and taller and taller. She whooshed upwards, past the Scary Giant’s knees, big tummy and wide shoulders and finally his forehead. There she stopped and said:


And he said, “Hello!”

“Why, you’re not Scary at all!”

“No I’m not. And you know what?”

“What?” Mimi asked.

“You’re not scary either.”

Mimi and the Giant burst into laughter and kept laughing until even the sun came up chuckling. Mimi realised she was so tall now, she could see right across the enchanted forest, past the frozen ice and the sea of fishes, through the field of sunflowers straight at the loveliest sight of all: a little brown cottage with her Mama and Dada, with a blue fence and a garden full of fatty fat cabbages, little wormy worms and very chirpy birds.

Oh yes, Mimi was a very lucky girl indeed.

By Gone Native