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The lake shimmered in red in the light of the rising sun. The boys were thrashing about in it. The water-fowl swimming on the lake, trying to catch their early morning breakfast squawked angrily at the boys. The mountains near the lake loomed menacingly in the first light of dawn. The early morning sun was peeping behind the mountains to see what the commotion was.

“Watch out. Here I come”, screamed Senthil and canon-balled into the water. The water-fowl had enough of it and took off into the skies.

“Aaaargh, you have splashed water over my new clothes”, shouted Shyam and jumped into the water to beat up his brother.

“Who told you to bring new clothes and keep it on the banks of the lake. Its your fault only”, said Senthil, and swam away from his younger brother.

Senthil was too fast for Shyam to catch. He gave up and came out of the lake. He picked up his wet clothes and started walking towards home. The tears from his eyes mixed with the water dripping from his hair. His father had promised to take them to his grandmother’s place and he wanted to show her the new shirt and shorts they had bought for him.

He kicked a stone on the dusty path. He hated his brother. He always kept making life difficult for him. Why did God make brothers?

He picked up the stone and lazily threw it as far as he could. The stone soared out of his hands and landed in a bush. He heard a yelp, followed by a growl. A shaggy-haired dog came out of the bush looked with bloodshot eyes at Shyam. The dog bared its teeth and gave another growl.

Shyam turned around and ran as fast as his 10 year old legs would carry. The dog, emboldened, gave him the chase. He reached a barbed wire fence which a farmer had put up to keep cattle away. He tried jumping over it, but tripped and fell. The sharp edges on the fence tore through his flesh and he started bleeding. The dog was catching up with him. He picked himself up and started running again. The fence only managed to slow he dog, which crawled underneath it and renewed the chase.

His heart was beating rapidly in his chest. His legs were starting to tire. He was almost near the lake. He saw Senthil going back home, whistling and swinging a stick.

“Brother, help!”, he shouted.

Senthil turned around and saw his brother running towards him chased by a canine. He pulled his brother behind him and swung the stick in his hand in a perfect arc. The stick hit the dog in its back. The dog, yelped and ran away in the other direction.

He then turned to his brother who was holding on to him tightly. The wounds from the fence were bleeding. He took his brother to the water and washed his wounds and tied a towel around his leg.

“Thanks brother”, Shyam whispered, and hugged his brother.

“No problem and I am sorry that I drenched your new clothes”, said Senthil.

Shyam smiled weakly.

“Come lets go home. Father must be waiting for us”

They started walking home. Shyam wiped a tear from his eye and thanked God for making brothers.

The sun looked down at the two brothers, walking hand in hand on a dusty road, smiled and hid behind a cloud.

By Epinephrine

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