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on September 18, 2013

Crocodile and Shark

Once upon a time,
There was a crocodile
He loved to swim around,
And lived in the Nile.

He had such scary teeth
That everyone would run
But they never even knew
Crockie just wanted to have fun.

And so no one would come
Near the Crocodile
They’d see him and they’d quickly
Run away a mile.

This made Crockie sad
He shed a few tears
But no one still came by
No one still came near.

And then one day
The water suddenly rose
It carried poor old Crockie
To some new shores.

“Where am I?”
Poor Crockie wondered
While the splashing water
All around him thundered.

“You’re at the edge of the sea.”
Said a friendly voice from afar.
Crockie turned around to find
A smiling Shark with a scar!

“Hi I’m Sharkie,
I live around here.
Its a lovely place to stay.
Do you come from somewhere near?”

Crockie was so happy
That someone was talking to him
His heart filled up with joy
And his eyes began to brim.

“I come from a faraway place
I lived on the Nile.
No one would talk to me.
They’d run away a mile.”

Sharkie was not surprised
He knew why people ran
He knew that people were afraid
Of what they didn’t understand.

“Don’t worry Crockie” he said
“I have big teeth too.
I can be your friend
And I will talk to you!”

And so Crockie and Sharkie
Became friends for good
You should find a friend and
Be nice like Sharkie would!

By Hackie Chan

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