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Wise ChumChum

on July 3, 2013

“When will I be big, Mama? When will I be big, Mama? When will I be big, Mama?”, ChumChum asked her Mama.

“You are big, Baby. You are 5 today.”

“No, I want to be old enough to drive Dada’s car.”

Mum had a bewildered look on her face. Where did that come from, she wondered.

ChumChum giggled. She explained patiently, “So I drive you to beach, Mama. And, we can go on a boat ride too. Mr. Snail can come with us. And SebastianShark!”

“So you want to go to the beach, eh? Why didn’t you just say that?”

“Because I want to learn to drive the car, Mama!”

“Okay, but we’ll have to wait until it stops raining.”

ChumChum’s face fell. “But Mama, the beach is so much more fun when it’s raining. The sky looks like a beach too – the clouds are fluffy waves and there’s more water to play in. Oh, please, Mama. See, this is why I want to learn how to drive. So I don’t have to wait for you to take me where I want to go.”

Mama laughed and laughed. ChumChum didn’t understand what she’d said that was so funny, but it was nice when Mama laughed like this. In her secret heart, all ChumChum wished was to grow up to be like Mama. She’d never told Mama this – it was a secret wish, you see.

“Ok, ChumChum, let’s go. I’ll pack a picnic basket while you go get your raincoat and beach things. We’ll pick Dada up on the way”

“Yippee!” ChumChum yelled, as she ran off excitedly, all the time whispering to Mr. Snail about sand castles and giraffe shaped balloons and ice creams to be had.

So off they went. They built a huge castle for Mr. Snail and Dada told ChumChum a story of brave Mr. Snail, who climbed up a hill, swam a river on a tiny leaf, walked through the jungle, fought the mighty wind and conquered the kingdom of BeachLand. They had so much fun.

Sometime later as they lay on a rug under the cloudy skies, Mama turned to ChumChum and said, “I’m so glad we came. Thank you, sweetheart. You may not be old enough to drive, but you are the wisest of us all!”

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