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How the snail got his home

on May 8, 2013


What I am going to tell you is the story of a snail; a wanderer in spirit and in mind‐ people called him ‘slow’ and ‘lazy’ and other names that don’t exist anymore. Yet, this tiny creature had some innate qualities that nobody knew of. He was kind and intelligent…And so it goes that around 600 billion years ago; at the time when the world was created, many different creatures existed in perfect harmony. Creatures, BIG and small, tall and short, all shapes and sizes were friends. They gathered around the BIG BONFIRE every night to share stories and their life.

It was a moonlit night… a big silver ball looming high in the dark sky, illuminating the creatures’ meeting place. There was to be a new creature being sent down to earth to join them. The king of the creatures announced that it would be called a ‘SNAIL’. Everyone whispered excitedly‐ who would this new creature be? “Someone pretty like me”, tinkled the butterfly. “Huh, someone as classy as me” said the hoity‐toity ladybird. “Are you kidding me? I think it is going to be another busy creature like me” said the bumblebee. And so the speculations went on until suddenly there was a loud PLOP!

Everyone ceased and looked down‐ right in the centre lay a tiny, pale pink creature. It scrambled to its feet and looked around nervously. About 1000 different eyes stared back at it. It tried to look for a place to hide and began moving to a small bush. “Tee hee hee”, he heard a chuckle… and looked up to see the butterfly that was pointing to it and said “What an ugly creature you are!” and fluttered her wings around it. “Ooohhh… ohhh…” said the snail. “Your wings cause such a strong breeze, I’m cold all over.” (BRRRRR).

He moved further on. “Look at the mess you’ve made!” sneered the ladybird (looking down her nose). “You’ve left a trail of slime… EWWWWWWWWW” and she walked away. The poor snail bent his head and moved along. It really was taking ages to move. “Slow poke! Slow poke! Said the bumblebee as he poked the snail’s back).

“I really must find myself a house to protect me!” he thought. Well, but real estate prices were at its peak‐ there was just no room to accommodate another. “What am I going to do?” he sighed as heard the rain pattering. “I need to protect myself.”

Suddenly, he saw a white object flying down. “Oooh! It’s a bit of cloud. I think that should help me!” But it was a feather that landed perfectly on the snail’s back. “Yay!” I have a ho‐ome! I have a ho‐ome!” But suddenly he felt a tickle. “Oooh! Stop tickling me… ooh hoo!” The snail wriggled around and laughed and suddenly noticed that the feather was moving away with the breeze. “Wait, you’ can’t go!” he cried. And so the snail moved on to find himself a home. He soon came across a rock and wriggled under it. But the weight of the rock was too much to bear‐ “OWWWW” The snail sighed and moved on.

He saw a pretty green leaf and put it on top of him. Just as he was settling to sleep under his new home, he felt someone drill holes. It was the ladybird who wanted a midnight snack. “I’m drenched through!” cried the snail as he moved on.

By and by the snail reached a beach. It saw a crab moving sideways along and said… “Hello, do you think you could find me a home?” “Ha! Ha! Ha” said the crab. “It’s a ‘concrete jungle’ out here. What we all need are mobile houses!” and he pinched the snail. “Owwww! That hurts! It seems like I’m never going to find a home. But a mobile home! That’s an interesting idea!”

He knocked against something hard – THOOP! What’s this? He wondered as he prodded the object with his tentacle. “It seems firm…It won’t be blown away by the breeze or eaten by others…I think it should be a perfect fit!” The snail put the shell over his back and it was a perfect fit. “and Oh! I can even hide under it and sleep” he said as he went in and out of the shell.

“I guess I’ve found my home after all!”

The next morning, as the sun rose from the east to the west, the snail woke up to the cock crowing. “Oh what a beautiful morning” he sang as he bumped into the other creepy crawlies. This time, he wasn’t cold. The bee couldn’t poke him as he kept going into his shell and the ladybird‐ well did she get a horrid bump as she scurried into the snail on her way to breakfast.

And so the legend goes that the snail, the wanderer in spirit and in mind…found himself an ideal home to go along with him as he travelled!

By Pearl
featuring original art by Ms. Thing

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