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Little Lulu and Betty, the Kitty

on August 19, 2012

Little Lulu was playing outside when she heard a soft meow. She thought it was nothing and continued to play when she heard the sound again. “Was that a kitty?” she thought and looked around. A few minutes of searching later, Little Lulu found a little kitten, the tiniest she had ever seen, hidden carefully, in the bushes.

“Why do you meow, Little kitty?” Lulu asked, gently stroking the soft fur. The kitten rolled over, it seemed to be ticklish. Lulu giggled and ran inside to fetch her Mama.

“You must come with me.” she said. “What is it? I am busy, can this wait?” Mama asked. “No, you have to come now” Lulu said, dragging Mama along. “Look what I found!”

Off they went and Lulu showed Mama the little kitty. They played with the kitten for a few minutes and Mama said, “She looks hungry. Let me get her something”. A few minutes later, she returned with a little baby-bottle of milk. “This bottle used to be yours, when you were a baby”, Mama told Lulu, as they fed the kitty. The kitten happily drank away all the milk. “Learn from the little kitty, Lulu. You throw tantrums to finish your glass of milk”, Mama said. “I’ll be a good girl and finish my milk, Mama. Can we please keep him?” Lulu asked with eager eyes.

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“We can. But let’s not tell Dada. He doesn’t like cats very much. She’ll be our little secret” Mama said with a smile. They decided to name her Betty.

Lulu and Mama then found a little basket in the house, stuffed it with a soft blanket and placed Betty inside. They hid the basket in the laundry room where they were sure Dada would never go.

Later at dinner that night, Dada asked Lulu, “How was your day, sweetie?” And Lulu replied, “I made a new friend. Her name is Betty!” and gave Mama a tiny wink. They were all having soup when they all heard a soft meow.

“What is that sound”, Dada asked.

“That was me!”, Lulu said.

“Why are you meow-ing?” Dada asked.

“I am learning cat language”, Little Lulu said giggling.

And as she was saying so, they heard a meow again!

“The sound is coming from the laundry room” said Dada. And since there was no denying it this time, Little Lulu and Mama followed him sheepishly.

“What is this cute little kitty doing in our laundry room”, Dada asked them both, grinning.

“We found her outside and we couldn’t leave her there. We didn’t tell you because you don’t like cats.”, Lulu and Mama said.

“I like anything that makes you both happy. So promise to take good care of her and never keep any secrets from me”, Dada said and gave Lulu and Mama a hug.

“So, Lulu, is this your new friend Betty?” Dada asked and Little Lulu gave him the widest smile he had ever seen.

By Raindroprose

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