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Munia plays in the garden

on August 14, 2012

It was a bright and sunny Sunday morning, and little Munia was the only one in the entire house who was awake. She poked her head out from her warm woolly blanket and stared at the ceiling. She twisted her head and knew that this was the best time to play. She jumped out of her bed and hopped and skipped her way into the garden.

“Hello Garden!”
“Bright morning Sun!”
“Merriness to you, fast-growing green grass!
“Happy good morning, cobbled stones!”
“Merry nid-noddy morning, dancing daisies!”
“Hello! My petulant petunias.”
“Cheery-cheery day, big blue gate!”
Yes, Munia had a special greeting for everyone in the garden. A yellow butterfly came close to Munia’s cheek, fluttered her wings and flew away.
Munia shouted out, “Happy day! Happy day! Happy-happy day!!” Munia danced and pranced and shouted out happily at everyone.

“Yes, I’ve I wished them all!” Munia declared and flopped belly-up on the grass utterly pleased with herself.
“But you didn’t wish me.” Munia heard a tiny whisper.
Munia looked around startled. “Who is that?” she asked.
“Here, and don’t crush me.” The tiny voice replied.
“I can’t see you.” Munia peered into the grass.
“That’s because I’m sitting on your nose.” the little voice giggled.
“But I cannot see you.” Munia got quite cross-eyed from trying to stare at her nose.
“I want to see you. I want to play with you.” Munia crinkled her nose, attempting to see.
“If you can guess who I am, I’ll play with you.” The little voice giggled.
“Do you have wings?” Munia loved guessing games.
“Yes, my wings are very red and have dots on them.”
“Can you fly?” Munia asked
“Yes, I can.” The voice trilled.
“Are you a bird?” Munia asked.
“One half of my name is a bird. But I have no beak.” The voice replied.
“Are you an angel?” Munia asked softly.
“I don’t wear pretty dresses but I’m half a lady.” The voice replied.
“Are you a bug?” Munia was beginning to get close to the answer.
“Yes, you’ve to tell me my name.” The bug warbled excitedly.
“I know. I know.” Munia shouted in excitement. “You are a ladybird bug! You are a ladybug!”
“Yay! You got that right!” The ladybird shouted. She jumped off Munia’s nose and landed on her palm. And the two new friends danced and jumped and played all morning!

The next time you are in the garden just look out for the pretty red polka-dotted ladybugs and you too can play with them all day!

By Moon

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