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ChumChum rides the bus

on August 14, 2012

ChumChum woke up that morning. It was a Sunday, a day off from school and also a day for roaming!

Dada gave ChumChum a bath while Mama packed her favourite sammich and water bottle. Dada was taking ChumChum to the park.

She held Dada’s hand and walked at his side. Sometimes hopping over stones, sometimes calling out to the busy pigeons pecking at grain.

Just as they turned the corner, she saw a magnificent sight. It was a pretty red bus. Not just any bus. This bus had a first floor too. She craned her neck to see what was inside in it. ChumChum imagined a spirally staircase inside that one would have to climb up to reach the top.

Dada saw ChumChum had stopped walking and was looking at the bus. He asked, “Do you want to go on a ride?”

ChumChum broke into a big smile and nodded with glee. Suddenly she saw the balloon seller walk past. “May I have a red balloon, please Dada?”, ChumChum asked with her most winning smile.

Red balloon clutched firmly in hand, ChumChum almost ran towards the bus. Dada had to hold her hand tight. He helped her to climb aboard the bus and guess what – there actually was a spirally staircase inside.

ChumChum and Dada climbed up the stairs to the top floor, counting each step loudly. They sat at the seat right up front, an open window in front of them. ChumChum tiptoed and peeped out. There was no driver and then the bus started to move. They saw many buildings whiz past and trees and branches too.

“We are on a magic carpet bus Dada!”, said little ChumChum.

Red balloon and Dada along with her, ChumChum had her first ever first-floor bus ride.

By Ninja Duckie

One Response to “ChumChum rides the bus”

  1. Birdie says:

    This reminds me of my first Double Decker bus ride 🙂 Well written Ninja 😀

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