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The Girl with Two Names (A Story in Two Parts, Naturally)

on August 13, 2012


Part One: How Snotty Got Her Name

Her name is Snotty, but that was not her real name. It was the name she had given herself when she was just a little baby (not the little lady she is today!)

Her Mother would hold her in her safe, strong arms, rocking her gently, after chasing her down from another escape attempt (for that little baby girl could crawl and explore all day long).

“Oh, you are so naughty!” Mom would laugh, as the baby stared back with large eyes that pleaded ‘Let me go! I have places to go, things to see!’

One day that little baby girl realized she could talk and that she had a LOT to say to the world.

Looking gravely at her Mom, she announced her name “So Naughty!”

But what she actually said (she had a baby tongue, after all!) was “Snotty!”

And that is the story of how Snotty got her name.


Part Two: How Snotty Got Her Second Name

As the baby grew up, the crawling turned into walking, which soon led to running. And Snotty loved to run! She ran rings around her Mother when they went for a walk; she ran in between busy shoppers when they went to the market; she ran after dogs and cats in the park; she ran around the furniture at home.

Funny part is: all this running never tired Snooty, but her Mom would get very, very tired!

One day, Mom had a talk with Snotty, “Ok, Snotty. You’re a big girl now. Do you want a big girl name?”

This was a big surprise to Snotty: she would actually get a NEW name? This was wonderful! Even better than the birthday cake, because this was JUST LIKE THAT. No special day, no special event, but her Mom was giving her a GIFT!

Snotty was very excited, but she was also a clever girl; why not have both names? No other boy or girl in the WHOLE WORLD had two names; she would be special and magical!

So Snotty looked up at her Mom with big, innocent eyes, “Can I keep both names, Mummy?”

But her Mom was also as clever as Snotty, and she asked “Then how will you know which name to use? It will be very confusing for all of us, you know. In fact, we may even FORGET what your name is!”

This worried Snotty; she actually loved her name. It was already confusing because people also called her ‘sweetie, cutie, smartie-pie’ and such made-up names. Then there was her ‘grown-up’ name which was waiting for her (Mom had said Snotty could decide when she wanted to take that name).

Luckily, Snotty’s Mom had a good solution: Snooty would still be Snooty, but her gift would be a longer, bigger SECRET NAME. And she would use this SECRET NAME when she went out with her Mom.

Snotty was thrilled; she loved going out and now she would also have a SECRET NAME that no one else knew about, all safe inside her head. This was turning out to be a wonderful day!

“Yes, yes, yes, Mummy!” she cried, “I promise I’ll keep this new name in my head EVERY TIME we go out… now tell me what it is, please, please, please!”

Mom smiled and helped Snotty sit next to her, then pulled up a pad and pencil.

“Okay, here’s how your old name started,” she explained, writing ‘So Naughty’ on the pad, “And today you will get a longer name, so we will remove these two (she erased out ‘So’) and put in a much longer word (she penciled in ‘Slightly’), and there you go!”

Both of them started at the new, bigger name: Slightly Naughty.

Snotty hugged her Mom and asked her what her new name meant. It took some time to explain, and she was not so very happy when she understood the full meaning. But a promise is a promise.

Now when Snotty goes walking with her Mom, she’s Slightly Naughty, and not So Naughty.

And that is the Happy Ending to this story!

By Gaurav Ghildiyal

12 Responses to “The Girl with Two Names (A Story in Two Parts, Naturally)”

  1. aditimittal says:

    Brilliant! I’m a fully grown adult (at least that’s what I like to think.) and I’ve read EVERY post on this website in the past hour. Love this one the MOST!

  2. Poonam Singh says:

    Oh Wow ! That’s really really sweet !

  3. aaquib naved says:

    Fun read Gaurav! The highlight “Now when Snotty goes walking with her Mom, she’s Slightly Naughty, and not So Naughty” LOL!

  4. jay_ambadi says:

    Wow…. Gaurav!

    Gripping narration… Couldn’t guess till the very end what that magical name is gong to be..

    Yes. My daughter is going to love this.. I am taking this story to her on the coming Saturday!

    Expecting more..


    • That’ll be awesome — already hear that Thing (the girl for whom this blog is made) liked the story (even helped change the name from “Snooty” to the more correct “Snotty!). Look forward to you lil one’s reaction…

  5. omar1618 says:

    Nice! Really delightful story- didn’t see that last part coming! Sightly Roald Dahl-esque. Expecting more now!

  6. Supri says:

    So sweet!
    Appreciate adults writing for kids (and for ppl like me too)

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