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Sweetum meets Bon Bon

on August 12, 2012


She has rosy cheeks and deep dimples just like the poem, floppy hair and a smile that would light up her face just like the Sun that brightens our days.

Sweetum would place her face on Mama’s palm and go to sleep everyday and dream little dreams of fairies and angels, of candy islands and ice cream castles.

Sweetum’s parents recently moved to the big city and she did not have friends to play with. So Sweetum would secretly ask God to send her a new friend.

Sweetum walked to school everyday. One day Sweetum thought that she was being followed. She turned to look and found a cute little pup sitting close to her feet. Sweetum picked up the little fellow in her hands and walked towards her school.

She realized she could not take the little fellow to the classroom as Miss would scold her. So Sweetum planted the little fellow in her school bag and ran to her class. She was already getting late.

The little pup was quiet for some time. After a couple of hours he became hungry and started squealing.

Sweetum opened her tiffin box and gave the little fellow a sammich to eat. School got over at 1 O’Clock and Sweetum took the puppy home.

“Mamma look what I found in school today.” Mamma turned and saw the little pup in Sweetum’s hands.

Mamma asked “What’s his name?”

Sweetum thought for a while “Ummn, Mamma his name is Bon Bon. Can I please keep him, please please please.”

Mamma smiled and said, “Of course, but only if you promise to take good care of Bon Bon.”

Sweetum danced a happy dance. She now had a friend to play with. She took Bon Bon for a walk. Played with him all day. Fed him, bathed him and took good care of the little fellow.

That evening Sweetum had a Thank you prayer for God and a friend forever.

By Birdie

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