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Ivan and the Snowgirl

on August 12, 2012


Clara stood there and looked at the dome. It looked like an onion! She hated onions. They made people cry. She liked tomatoes and she wanted buildings to look like tomatoes. She was counting the number of domes on the street. She tried using her hands to count them but they were busy holding candies. She loved walking back home from school. The city was beautiful.

She gave up counting the golden domes and started walking again. As she was walking back, she saw the Old Man who was always on the porch. There was a figure made out of snow in his front yard. It looked like a small girl. He was always looking at it. On some days, he would talk to it. She wondered who that snow girl was. Was it his grand daughter whom he dearly missed? She wanted to find out. She reached home and told her mother about the Old Man and the snow girl. She wanted to know his story. She wanted to know why he was always sad. She asked her mother to tell her more about him. Her mother promised her to tell the story at bedtime.

Before she knew it, it was time to sleep already. She was in her bed with her mother, eagerly waiting to listen to the story. Her mother started telling her the story of the Old Man. The Old Man’s name was Ivan. When Ivan was young, he had a family. Ivan was a happy man who used to work for the king. He was a painter and a good one. He made lot of money and he kept his family happy. One day, the old man painted a snow girl on a front yard. He left the painting to dry in his studio and returned to it the next day. He was surprised to see that the painting was still wet. He also noticed that the snow girl in the painting moved a bit. He was surprised. He was confused and he thought that there was a ghost in his studio. He tried to destroy the painting when the snow girl started talking.

She told him that her name was Zhuchka. She asked him not to destroy the painting. The painting was the only way she could see the world, she said. Ivan got scared and stood away from the painting. After a while, he realized that she was only a snow girl and she couldn’t harm him. He started talking to her. Zhuchka lost her parents and she had no one to talk to because she was all alone. He started talking to her. He told her stories. He gave her company when she wanted to play. Days passed and now the painting was hanging on a wall in his home.

Winters were gone and the summers were here. One morning he noticed that the snow girl was gone. The sun was shining over the painting and she had melted into a puddle. She was gone. Ivan liked her and he missed her dearly. Years passed and the painting still hung on his wall. Ivan lost his family and now he had no one to talk to, like the snow girl. He grew old and he hoped the snow girl would come back. When winters were around, he created a snow girl on his front yard, hoping she would come back. Hoping someone would come pay him a visit. Hoping someone would talk to him.

When her mother finished the story, Clara felt bad for Ivan. The next day when she was walking back home from school, she stopped at Ivan’s place and said, “Hi”.

Ivan smiled.

By Zecache

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