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Kuchu and the Sparrow

on August 11, 2012


“Chirp, chirp” Kuchu was getting ready for school. “Chirp, chirp, tweet tweet tweet” Kuchu wore one sock, and went to the window. There it was. “Chirp chirp chirp”. “Is she hungry? Is she not well? Why is she so restless today?” Kuchu thought to himself. Kuchu filled up some water from his school water bottle in a bowl and placed it at the window sill. The bird stopped chirping for a while and took some sips from the bowl. “Why are you so active today? What happened? Anything special” Kuchu asked. “Chirp chirp, don’t you know I’m the Sparrow?” she replied. “Oh yes, I do know you are a sparrow, but why are you chirping so much today?” “I am not just any sparrow, I am THE Sparrow! Chirp chirp chirp”

Kuchu was scratching his head to understand what being The Sparrow meant. “You didn’t understand what I meant, did ya, little boy?” she asked. “No,” Kuchu mumbled. “Ok, let me explain” and she settled down on the sill, puffing up her feathers a bit. “How many legs do you have?” she asked him. Kuchu looked at his feet – one without the sock and one with it – and replied: “two.” “How many feet do humans normally have?” Kuchu remembered what the science teacher had told them in class and said: “two.” “Ok, now how many legs do we birds have?” Kuchu remembered the pictures in his science textbooks again and said : “two”. “Now, how many legs do I have?” She stood up as she said. Kuchu took a look and said “One”. She smiled and then whispered to him: “That’s my secret little boy! The others of my kind think I’m not one of them and I’m a freak. But I’m not! Hehe, I haven’t told them this though, hence they worship me like anything.”

Kuchu said: “Really?” She then whispered to him again: “Well, long time back, me and Him were out looking for worms on a sunny day. And he suddenly said to me: ‘I’m feeling very dizzy’. I thought maybe it was the sun, but then he collapsed, and never got up again. And I did not even have time to mourn for Him, as a small but very fast object suddenly hit one of my legs, which you don’t see now.” “I was still trying to understand what had happened, when I looked down from the ledge where we had been sitting and saw two boys: one with long sleek object in his hands and the other with a small candy-like thing stuck to his ear. The boy with the long object was aiming it at me, and I quickly flew off. I kept on roaming around for a while and wherever I went, others of my kind started fearing me for my one leg, not knowing that I thought everyone – them or humans – could have been carrying those things with them which killed him. So I just chirped them away from all the feeding bowls that I could find.”

“But why were you chirping so much at my window today? There was no other sparrow there,” Kuchu asked her. She replied: “Well, I saw someone with that candy-like thing stuck to their ear around you and thought I may warn you, since you give me water and grains almost everyday.” And Kuchu turned around to see his mother still talking on the mobile phone near his bed.

By The Humerus who also photographed Sparrow.


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