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ChumChum visits the jungle

on August 11, 2012


At dinner, after ChumChum counted the giggles she had giggled that day at school, Dada and Mama asked her if she wanted to see the animals and birds she saw on TV for real in a big big jungle?

ChumChum’s eyes turned into saucers and she squeaked, “REALLY!”

“Well, do you?”, asked Dada with a grin.

“YES! YES! YES! I do. I do. I do. I want to see the elephants, the hopping deer, the monkeys on the tree. What else Dada, tell me?”

ChumChum couldn’t sit still after that. She prowled all around the house. She told Cwokodile and Shark that she was off to a jungle paahtey! She roared in the mirror like a tigress and giggled at her reflection.

Mama, Dada and ChumChum hopped into the car and drove off to National Park. All the way there, ChumChum made plans. She would take a ride on a rhino wearing her cape and her hat. She would walk about the jungle talking to the trees and the butterflies. Ask them, how are you today? Sit atop a tree and eat berries with the monkeys. Oh what fun she would have. And suddenly, they were there. ChumChum hadn’t even noticed.

Inside Dada bought tickets and they sat in a van that took them deep into the jungle. Chumchum held on to Dada’s hand and looked up at the huge trees. A man with a funny cap and microphone told them about the many things they would see.

Suddenly Chumchum saw what looked like a hill. But it was a very small hill but not too small to be very small. It was as tall as her. And she imagined little people living in them.

“Dada! What is that?”

“An anthill sweetheart.”

Whoa, thought ChumChum, ants make hills too?

“And where are their houses?”

“Hidden inside the hill, baby”, Mama said.

How smart, thought ChumChum. They hide their houses under the hill so nobody can find their chocolates and candies. Ooh, I wouldn’t mind a house like that.

ChumChum had a fun day in the jungle. She saw so many animals. A tiger and her babies, and a lion asleep on the road and peacocks and monkeys and deer and bison and cwokodiles. Though they didn’t let her ride any of them, the mean jungle policemen. Dada carried her back to the car on his back, just like the Mama monkeys carried their babies.

ChumChum was so happy. She knew she was going to have so many more animals to play with in her adventures.

By Ninja Duckie

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