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The many adventures of Fat Louie – Episode 2

on August 9, 2012

Fat Louie was excited. Thank God it’s Friday, he thought. Today was the day he had been allowed to go to Ninja Duckie’s house for a sleepover. That was not a big deal – he had been there done that before – but this evening, he was allowed to go alone! He couldn’t wait for school to get over.

In the evening his Mama gave him dinner earlier than usual. Helped him pack a bag with tooth brush, PJs, change of clothes and flip flops. A backpack not too heavy to carry. He was in a hurry, couldn’t wait to get away. Mama kept giving him advice “Don’t stray far from the river bed”, “Walk along the river bed till you get to the bend”, “Don’t walk into the woods”.

Finally he set off. He first sauntered off casually, then hastened his pace. Fat Louie actually didn’t like the water or getting his fur wet. He decided to walk as far from the river as possible. This brought him to the edge of the forest. But he didn’t mind, he was not afraid of anything, he felt.

He suddenly heard a buzzing sound. He found a flying insect diving into a flower and flying out again. Fat Louie was curious. He followed this flying insect, at first it was easy but then the insect – which was a very busy bee – flew off again and Fat Louie trotted after it. Chased it looking up at it constantly so that he didn’t lose it. The bee suddenly went into a brown thing hanging from a tree. Fat Louie was most curious. He went near with his snout and the thing smelled delicious.

Fat Louie took a swipe with his paw and suddenly the brown thing was down on the ground! Fat Louie, always hungry, took a little bite – it tasted really yummy! Soon Fat Louie was into it, eating away. He was unaware of the bees that had come out and were trying to sting him. His thick coat warded off the bee stings; the only spot where they could have stung him was his snout and that was buried deep inside the honey comb! He had a feast, he really licked his chops and shook his body throwing off the bees and trotted off.

Fat Louie thought he must bring his brother and sisters here to taste these wonderful things hanging here on the trees. There were many more. Suddenly he realized that he didn’t know where he was! He remembered his Mama’s words “Don’t stray from the river bed..” where was he? How will he get to Ninja Duckie’s house?

By Thing’s good friend, Rian

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