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Kuchu climbs the rainbow

on August 4, 2012


So there was this little fellow called Kuchu,
Or so they called him,
Kuchu lived in an ice hut,
But his warmth kept him alive in it,
Kuchu had a bag called Happiness,
Where he put anything and everything,
For those who needed it,
One day, Kuchu thought “this bag is not filling up fast enough, what should I do?”
So off he went, in search of more for his bag,
And as he walked, he saw a rainbow, with stone steps,
And he decided to climb it,
As he started climbing,
He saw a few snails,
He put them in,
As he climbed higher,
He saw some honeybees,
He tried to put them in,
But they bit him,
He climbed on,
He saw orange candy,
He put it in,
And so his bag started filling,
He kept going, but didn’t notice that the steps had started shaking,
He kept going, and the steps were cracking now,
And, just as he was nearing the top,
The steps broke, and Kuchu fell,
He was holding on to his bag,
And right then, Kuchu woke up,
From his dream, to find Happiness overflowing in his ice hut.

By The Humerus

One Response to “Kuchu climbs the rainbow”

  1. Dear Humerus and Bzib,
    Aliza has just read Kuchu climbs the rainbow. She is bouncing with joy and demanding to read the next story. Thank you and see you soon. Aliza is 7 years old and loves stories and poems.

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