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The Sun is a pancake

on August 2, 2012

The little girl loved to discover the meaning of everything. She loved asking her Mama and Dada questions and lots of them, all the time. She would sometimes mumble on about yet another unsolved mystery from her day in her sleep.

One groggy morning, she saw her Mama making something that made a loud sizzling noise. She was naturally curious and asked her Dada, who was busy looking at his phone, ‘What is that noise? That sssssssssssss?’ Dada said it was the noise the sun made as it came out of the water in the morning.

The little girl laughed, ‘Dada you know the sun can’t go into the water, the water would eeee-vo-pu-tate. The sun is so hot! Mama, Dada doesn’t know anything!’

‘Yes darling, you remember everything we don’t, and we’re so glad it’s so’, her Mama said while walking into the dining room with a plate loaded with beautiful, golden pancakes.

‘What are those Mama? They look like the sun, except they’re not shiny and glittery’, the little girl exclaimed in delight.

‘They’re pancakes. But they could be the sun too, if you like’, her Dada added helpfully.

‘But the sun is shiny, it’s bright, golden!’ the little girl told her Dada.

‘Then we’ll just have to pour some golden, bright sunshine onto this sun pancake, won’t we?’ said her Mama, holding up a pot of yummy honey.

The sun reflecting its light onto the pot made the honey look like molten sunlight.

The little girl jumped up and down on her seat, ‘Mama that is so bruuutyfuul! The sunshine is in that bottle! I want it on my pancake sun!’

Her Mama put a lovely pancake on her plate and poured a stream of liquid sunshine onto it. The little girl happily ate it and gave a piece to her Dada for being helpful with answers that morning.

There was a sticky mess to clean later, but then sunshine always floods the room it streams in, so no one complained.

By The Cuppie Cake

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