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I Can’t Go To School Today!

on August 1, 2012

‘I can’t go to school today!’
said Thing, (she’s almost 5.)
‘I’ve got monster sickness ma!
I’ll eat them all alive!’

‘What?’ says her mother.
‘Up!’ says her dad.
She looks in the mirror,
‘hmm… it looks quite bad’

‘I should be in bed!
Or watch! Just watch, I’m growing
great big horns out my head!’

‘My eyebrows they’re all bushy
my hair stands on its ends
and after I empty my snack box
I may snack on all my friends!’

Daddy shouts out ‘Breakfast!’
‘Hurry’ shouts out mum
I shout out, ‘I’m growing a tail
just above my bum!’

‘I can’t go to school ma!
It’ll just be a mess
My monster wings are shooting out
and they’ll ruin my dress!’

My feet are getting bigger
my tummy’s all like jelly
my teeth are getting sharper
my breath is killer smelly!

My nose is getting pointy
My claws are growing out
and even when I’m talking
it turns into a SHOUT!

You very scary baby
You’ve got it really bad…
You cannot go to school today
(mum nodded at my dad.)

Here’s a monster breakfast
Things that monsters eat
Toast and eggs for stomping legs
And milk for monster teeth!

Now we’ll take this creature up
All shaggy and all spiny
We’ll wash and brush and polish up
And make her scales all shiny.

Fangs and wings and claws and fur
she rubbed and scrubbed me clean
and wouldn’t you know, by accident
she washed out my monster mean!

I check all ten fingers
I checked my back, my toes
No tail, no wings, no scary claws
No horns growing on my nose!

No pointy fangs, no bushy brows.
No sharp and spiny scales.
No monster… just a little girl,
In my pony tails.

I think I’ll go to school mum
You may have saved the day.
The monster sickness’ gone
So it’s safe for me to play.

But shhh, you keep this secret
Cos how they’d stand and gape
If they knew how just this morning
They’d had SUCH a narrow escape.

By Genesia Alves

4 Responses to “I Can’t Go To School Today!”

  1. That’s a wonderful poem, Genesia. Nice work! 🙂

  2. tanzilaanis says:

    i love it. it has a sticky rhythm to it… lalalalala lalalalalaaaa… 🙂

  3. Christina says:

    Genesiaaaaaa…. You are so adorable every time! I’ll read this out to my babies when I have them 🙂

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