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Tara’s new friend

on July 31, 2012

Tara was excited that day. She had 6 vanilla cupcakes in her bag, her mommy’s yummy vanilla cupcakes that she always told her friends about. Those buttery crumbly little cakes that smelt like heaven and made her so happy every time she ate one.

All her friends were jealous; their mommies didn’t make cupcakes at home. After a lot of “pleeeese Taraaaa”s, she asked her mommy to give her some cupcakes to take to school for her friends. Now everyone could see how awesome her mommy was!

Outside the school gate Tara stopped. A dog was sitting on the pavement and looking at her. It was a thin black dog with a large white spot between its eyes. Oh, it had only 3 legs! It looked so skinny and so very sad. She thought it looked like it might start crying soon. She felt bad for the dog and went near it slowly. It looked at her, scared.

She slowly called out “Hello doggie.” It wagged its tail and looked a little happier. Tara was a brave girl and she knew this dog would not hurt her. She slowly bent and patted the dog on its head. Then she felt bad for the dog, it really was so very thin!

She removed one cupcake from her bag and held it out to the dog. It sniffed the cupcake and looked up at her, unsure. She put it down on the pavement in front of the dog. It looked surprised and gobbled it all up. It must have been so hungry! She pulled out 3 more cupcakes and put it down before the dog.

It limped up to her on its 3 legs, the poor thing, and whined. Then it licked her leg and started eating again, tail wagging fast the whole time. He looked happy! She patted its head again and ran off to school.

As the girls in her class fought over the 2 cupcakes she gave them, she thought of her new friend outside the school gate and smiled. She would make sure to ask mommy to send some food for it everyday.

By Li’l Pun

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