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Munia wants it to rain

on July 31, 2012

Munia woke up from her afternoon siesta. Dada said that taking a power nap is the real secret for becoming big and strong. Muniz felt hot and grumpy. She wished it would rain. But before she could get out of bed, Munia heard voices from the dining room.

“The air is so thick.” Munia imagined a large thick piece of air just like her favorite slice of chocolate cake. Munia giggled. That must be Aunty Tina. She loved the way Aunty Tina tickled her belly.

“Yes, I think you can cut it with a knife. Munia heard Ninja Duckie’s voice and quickly pretended to be a prince. She jumped up and began flailing her arms. She pranced around all over the bed as if she was holding a large sword.

“I think I’m melting.” That’s Tiny Uncle. Munia flopped down on the ground. She sat very still. Yes, very, very still. She pretended to be an ice cube waiting to melt. But melting was a rather boring job.

“There’s enough moisture to swim in the room.” Munia pressed her tummy to the ground and began to swim across the floor. Yes, Munia had turned into an alligator and swam right out of the room.

Mamma’s friends were sitting around the dining table. Munia loved to have Mamma’s friends come over. They always had so much to talk. And they were all so grownup. They didn’t notice Munia till she began snapping at their ankles.

“It’s raining. It’s raining.” That was Tiger singing. He always loved to sing strange songs. Tiger said, “Hello! Fierce Alligator. You have to dance and bring down the clouds.” And before she could say anything Tiger scooped Munia up and began dancing a complex jig.

Tiger and Munia danced and sang and laughed so much that Munia forgot that she was an alligator. They pulled at Mamma and her friends till everyone in the room joined in the rain dance and it began to rain for real!

There was beautiful, glorious rain. Little drops and large drops! Straight drops and slanting drops! Silent smiling raindrops and noisy exclaiming pitter-pattering drops! Yes, it poured all night!

If you ever want it to rain remember one thing. All you have to do is jump up and dance the rain dance till you forget who you are untilit starts to rain just the way you like it.

By Moon

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