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Caterpillar and Peacock

on July 31, 2012

Once upon a time there was a big, big jungle. The jungle had hundreds and hundreds of trees. There was one banyan tree that was over a thousand years old. And on it lived a caterpillar. He had a hundred legs and crawled really slowly. He spent his days chewing on the fresh green leaves of the banyan tree.

The caterpillar’s best friend was a peacock. Peacock had a slender, bright blue and green neck. He also had a pretty crown on his head that made him look like the king of the birds! He would fly all across the jungle in search of food and water. He would come to the tree every evening and tell the caterpillar how beautiful and vast the jungle was. They talked about the monkeys, bears, bees. And the pretty, wild flowers that grew near the lake.

The caterpillar was slow and he knew he could not undertake such a long journey to explore the beautiful jungle. He always wished he could join the peacock on his adventures, especially to see the lovely, colourful flowers he had heard about.

The peacock knew his friend was sad that he could not see the beautiful world he saw every day. He would occasionally bring the wild flowers and berries for the caterpillar. But the more flowers his friend got him, the more curious the caterpillar got!

One day, the caterpillar woke up to a bright morning. It was brighter than usual. The yellow sun shone brilliantly on the fresh green leaves. The birds were chirping louder than usual, like welcoming a new day with more enthusiasm. The caterpillar thought something is very different about this morning. He looked down to the water puddle to see his reflection.

He was so surprised at what he saw! In place of his regular reflection, he saw two bright, colourful wings! He had transformed into a butterfly! His wings had the prettiest colours nature had ever created. Orange, yellow, red, in the most beautiful designs he had ever seen.

His transformation from a caterpillar to a butterfly was complete, and he realized he could flap his wings and fly! He waited for his friend, the peacock to come see him, so he can show him how he had changed. The two friends could now explore the jungle together. They could go to the lake where he would smell the sweet smell of flowers and drink their sweet juice, while the peacock sang beautiful songs.

Evening brought the peacock, who was so very happy to see the caterpillar. “Come, my friend, it’s a beautiful world out there” he said, and both of them flew into the magical new world.

By Neenoo

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  1. Anita Menon says:

    Beautiful. My 2.5 year old will love this!

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