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The many adventures of Fat Louie – Episode 1

on July 30, 2012

Fat Louie was different from his 2 sisters and brother. They were not very old, still under Mama Bear’s watchful care. But they were learning fast about what to eat and where to drink. Fat Louie always seemed to be in his own world. He would also tend to wander away from all of them often. Mama Bear had scolded him more than once not to stray off alone. But Fat Louie kept doing things without his mother or sisters or brother.

He was the first amongst them to try eating something other than fruits or leaves. He saw a small brown animal  jumping out of a hole, Fat Louie didn’t realise how strong he already was, he swiped  his arm and the brown furry animal lay still on the ground. He nuzzled it, it smelt good so he took a small bite and he loved it! He took another and another and soon he  finished eating the whole animal. This was his first meat meal.

Fat Louie’s mama knew, when he got back to the cave home that day, what he had done by the fur sticking around his mouth. She knew that her little baby was growing up!

Being a Himalayan bear Mama knew that all her children could not be just vegetarians. But her Fat Louie had already taken the first step.

His name was Louie – he got the nick name Fat Louie in school. He liked his nickname. He and his sisters and brother all went to “Jungle Tots ” school every day. He liked school.  He had a very good friend in school called “Ninja Duckie”. They both did a lot of fun things together. He also liked going for sleepovers to Ninja Duckie’s house. His brother was not brave enough to go nor were his sisters. And it wasn’t as if he was the oldest.

One day he told his Mama that he could go alone. They were not happy but he insisted and raised himself to his full height to prove how strong and big he was. So Mama bear gave in and Fat Louie went to Ninja Duckie’s house on his own!

By Thing’s good friend, Rian

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  1. Sahar really enjoyed this story. Like Fat Louie, Sahar also likes to do things on her own and sometimes go roaming about by herself. Of course, she doesn’t do that too much, otherwise she won’t like it so much. (Sahar is 9 and dictated this message to me to pass on to Rian and Bzib)

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