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Pretty Things

on July 30, 2012

Just outside our village lived a lady. She was a very pretty lady, who liked pretty things. She lived in a pretty house, with a pretty garden, she had pretty cats and wore pretty clothes, and all this made her very happy. But there were three things that made her happier than almost anything else.

What they were? Shoes, and bags and hats.

She loved these things so much that she had a special room in her house for each of these things. Her shoe-room was filled with shoe racks that stretched from wall to wall, and from ceiling to floor, and all these racks were absolutely full of shoes: sandals, slip-ons, boots, pumps, peep-toes, slippers – absolutely every type of shoe you could think of, and in every color and design you could think of. And the same was true for her bags, which were – of course – located in the bag-room, and for her hats, which were – you guessed it – in the hat-room. And the best part was: they all matched! For every pair of shoes there was a matching bag and a matching hat.

Now this lady could never resist another lovely bag, and when she found one, she would naturally need shoes and a hat to match.

But as you can well imagine, this could not go on forever and sure enough one day disaster struck: her rooms were full! Completely, utterly, totally, you-couldn’t-fit-a-breadcrumb-in full! She simply could not fit one more pair of shoes in the shoe-room, or another hat in the hat-room, or another bag in the bag-room. What to do?!

You’ll be glad to know that our pretty lady was not one to give up easily, so she came up with some very creative solutions. First, she tried wearing several pairs of shoes, several hats and several bags at the same time, but that didn’t turn out too well: she quickly stumbled, ending up with a high heel hanging from one of her hats, while another hat had made its way into a handbag, and all this standing doubled over with a peep-toe clad foot firmly tangled up in the strap of the tiny handbag that had fallen to her wrist. Obviously, another solution was needed.

Next, she tried having each of her cats wear a pair of shoes, a bag and a hat, but cats don’t like being worn down with apparel (a fancy word for clothes and shoes and such), and she quickly had to abandon that plan as well.

What now? A bigger house perhaps? But she couldn’t afford that: all her money went to shoes and bags and hats. In fact, that was why our pretty lady was in this pickle in the first place!

Hang on …. That was why she was in this pickle in the first place …

The pretty lady suddenly realized what she had to do – this is what we like to call an epiphany, but “aha”-moment will do just as well.

With pain in her heart she went into her house, and started sorting through her beloved accessories: she selected all the shoes that she hadn’t worn in over a year, and all the shoes that were uncomfortable, and all the shoes that she secretly didn’t like very much anymore. Then she did the same with her bags, and the same with her hats. She gathered them all up and took them to the village and sold them at the market. And she made a very decent sum of money from them too!

And do you know what she did with that money? That’s right: she went straight to the shoe shop to buy a brand new pair of shoes. Then on to the hat shop for a matching hat, and finally to the bag shop to buy the perfect bag. And happy, she returned home, where she once again had enough room to put her new treasures. Because old habits die hard …

By The Tigress

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