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Munia meets Fluffy Cloud

on July 30, 2012


One morning, Munia saw a cloud peeping into her room. “Hullo! Munia. I’m Fluffy Cloud. Can I play with you?”  “Oh! No! Not today! I have to eat my breakfast and rush to school.” Munia replied in a hurry and hopped across to the dining table.

When Munia reached the bus stop she saw Fluffy, the cloud again. Fluffy puffed his cheeks and blew a kiss. Munia smiled back.

Munia saw her bright yellow school bus and she waved, “Bye! Bye! Fluffy cloud. My school bus is here.” Munia’s best friend, Golu had saved a window seat for her. Munia saw Fluffy puffing his cheeks one more time as hetried to sail along Munia’s bus. All the children in the bus started to cheer and shout. “C’mon Fluffy! Fly faster. Come to our school.” Little Fluffy hurried to catch up with the bus.

The Yellow school bus stopped at the red light. “Phew!” Fluffy exhaled. He was a little out of breath. Munia and Golu waved at Fluffy through their window.

Once the traffic light turned green again, the yellow school bus moved to the end if the road & turned a corner. As the bus gathered speed, she could not see Fluffy anymore.  Munia wished she could play with Fluffy

The yellow bus reached Munia’s school. It had rained and there were puddles everywhere. Munia stepped out of the bus quietly. She wished Fluffy had sailed all the way to school.

Splash! Golu jumped out of the bus and fell into a puddle. “Ooh! Help me.” “Here Golu, take my hand.” Munia rushed to help.  Splash! Munia fell into the puddle too!

Heehee! Golu and Munia heard someone giggling. Munia looked around. It was Fluffy. He was hiding behind a tree. Golu and Munia shouted, “Help us! Help us.” Fluffy rushed to help them.

Golu and Munia giggled and pulled Fluffy right into the puddle too! The three little friends started stomping and rolling and having a grand messy time.

Suddenly, the school bell rang. Golu and Munia jumped up and ran into their classroom waving goodbye to Fluffy Cloud.

Fluffy continued to float in the puddle, as he didn’t have any school to go to. And even today if you stare hard into a puddle you just might find Fluffy floating in it.

By Moon

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