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Maalu goes to The Toy Shop

on July 30, 2012

She sat up straight on her bed; staring at the open cupboard in front of her. Maalu was super excited! Her mind was exploding with questions. Should she wear the red dress with the big, happy bow? Or the yellow dress with the white stars? Or the blue frock with the tiny pink flowers? Maalu was so confused!

She finally picked the yellow dress for the special day. Why was it special, you ask? Because Mama and Dada were taking her to The Toy Shop!

Maalu loved going to The Toy Shop. It was huge! Maalu remembered the last time she went there, walking across the shop like Alice in Wonderland, wondering how the toys sat still for so long.

She got dressed quickly, all by herself. Little butterflies flew about in her little tummy as she sat in the car and travelled to her magical Toy Shop. She tried to count the butterflies, with the numbers Mama had taught her; one, two, three, SO MANY! When they finally got there, Maalu was amazed. The Toy Shop had changed!

It was larger than before, spanning two whole floors! Maalu couldn’t wait to get out the car! Mama and Dada were walking too slowly for her, so Maalu tried to pull them along, faster faster, her little eyes as wide as her grin.


Maalu could have lived in The Toy Shop if Mama would have let her. She walked along, looking at all the toys, wishing she could take all of them home! She loved all the toys. But ONE toy on the last shelf, in a corner, she just couldn’t take her eyes off. She stopped in her tracks, gaze fixed on the big alligator smiling at her, and knew, at once, that she’d found her new best friend! She would call him ‘Wiggles’ and they would play all day long! They could swim in Dada’s old blue bedsheet river, and invite all her friends along!

Wiggles was green in colour, with beady eyes and sparkling white teeth. Maalu knew he brushed everyday, like Mama says. Such beautiful teeth!

Maalu quickly remembered her magic word and asked Mama and Dada ‘Can we take Wiggles home, please?’

‘Please’ really is a magic word, because Mama and Dada nodded, smiling. Maalu waited impatiently, as the nice man at The Toy Shop handed Wiggles to her.

Wiggles was so soft! So cuddly! Maalu waved goodbye to all the toys, as she left the Toy Shop, clutching Wiggles, her new best friend.

By Li’l Badaboom

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